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to have only just realised that I'm getting on a bit.

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Megatron · 15/05/2011 08:15

I found my first grey hair this morning. On my head. It's like someone's slapped me around the head and screeched 'you're getting old!' at me and I have suddenly realised that it's been coming for some time. For example:

I now love wandering aimlessly round garden centres.

I tut when I see young girls in ridiculously short skirts and mutter something about how they'll get kidney trouble.

My heels are getting lower.

My skirts are getting longer.

My idea of a great night is getting in my PJ's, glass of wine, bar of galaxy and watching Lewis.

I have started perching my glasses on the end of my nose and giving withering looks over the top of them to anyone who annoys me.

Is this it now? Is there no hope? Do I have to go out and buy myself a pair or those brown fluffy boots with a zip up the front and a trolley?

OP posts:

Honeydragon · 15/05/2011 08:21

Ooooh dh fond a couple of grey hairs last week, I was ridiculously excited... I can't wait for a pink / lavender rinse.

I like to see peoples backs covered in case they "catch their death"

I already have a shopping trolley and those zip up boots and have done for the last 10 years Wink

embrace it, its fun.


Bloodymary · 15/05/2011 08:21

Ooh I know how you feel, I do every single one of the above AND I have a trolley.
Mind you it is a 'Rolser' pink and purple striped jobbbie, not a navy tartan!


bigbuttons · 15/05/2011 08:25

I'm waiting to embrace the waist high elasticated beige slacks and comedy jumpers.


Megatron · 15/05/2011 08:25

Actually I would secretly like a trolley and most difinitely a tartan one, but I believe DH may actually divorce me if I get one.

I've also caught sight of myself in shop windows recently and my natural expression these days seems to be a frown.

OP posts:

bigbuttons · 15/05/2011 08:25

However I have just got into mountain biking so maybe not, but other aspects me are very old indeed.


Honeydragon · 15/05/2011 08:26

Mine is black and white Rolser jobby Wink


AuntieMonica · 15/05/2011 08:27

I realised years ago i was getting on a bit, but decided ignore it and behave even more immaturely than before

it's great, you really get those withering 'you're old enough to know better' looks instead of pitying ones Wink


Salmotrutta · 15/05/2011 09:34

bigbuttons - you have just combined two of my most hated words: beige and slacks to form my most hated phrase!! Grin

(I do admit to being a bit weird and having several words I hate - those are just two)

I'm lucky enough to have escaped grey hair so far - my Mum didn't start to go grey until she was a couple of years older than me so here's hoping!!

I do, however, like to be "well wrapped up" on cold days and enjoy a nice hot chocolate before going to bed.

I shall never use a trolley even though they make perfect sense.

Peering over the top of your glasses to give withering looks is an advantage! Grin


BelleDameSansMerci · 15/05/2011 09:39

And I bet none of you are even approaching 40 Grin

Wait until you get the "rogue hairs" on your face. My worst one has now gone grey. I don't know whether to rejoice (because it's less noticeable if I miss the bugger) or despair.

Ooooh, and wait 'til you get your first grey pube.


QueentessentialExcel · 15/05/2011 09:40

I cant remember writing this OP, but thanks for doing it for me! Grin

I am in the process of mourning my lost youth, my life. It is not coming back, and I cant relive it, and I am past my best, and maybe nothing I really do matter. It sucks.


AuntieMonica · 15/05/2011 09:40

Belle some of us have seen the back of it Wink and have grey pubes


QuintessentialOldMoo · 15/05/2011 09:43

New name in recognition of this.


BelleDameSansMerci · 15/05/2011 09:47

AuntieM I've still only got one. It hurts to pluck it out so I just sort of hope it passes unnoticed...

Love the new name Quintessential. May be I should change mine to OldDame... Grin


iscream · 15/05/2011 09:50

I now love wandering aimlessly round garden centres. -Check

I tut when I see young girls in ridiculously short skirts and mutter something about how they'll get kidney trouble.-Check

My heels are getting lower.-Check

My skirts are getting longer.-Check

My idea of a great night is getting in my PJ's, glass of wine, bar of galaxy and watching Lewis.-Check, but with tea and Lindt extra creamy milk chocolate

I have started perching my glasses on the end of my nose and giving withering looks over the top of them to anyone who annoys me.-Check


fanjoforthemammaries7850 · 15/05/2011 09:53

Got grey hairs at not a sign if old age Grin


bigbuttons · 15/05/2011 09:55

40,oh yes I've seen the back of that. A few greys on the underside of my fringe, no where else .....yet.
Rogue hairs, indeed, many of those
face that's sagging towards the middle, I have that
I used to have a thick unruly mop pf hair, now many children later and probably the start of the 'change' it's very much thinner than it wasSad
I am flat chested and what I have is at least 2 inches lower than it was pre dc's.
ho hum


BelleDameSansMerci · 15/05/2011 10:14

I've always envisaged myself as a sort of Liz Hurley-esque (same sort of age) older woman but I realised yesterday I'm more like Linda Bellingham (albeit a little younger)...


TrillianAstra · 15/05/2011 10:21

First grey hair at 24. Found a hair yesterday that was grey for about 3 inches from the root, then the rest was brown.

Pulled the fucker out.


ifancyashandy · 15/05/2011 10:26

Hmmm. I have grey hairs but pay someone a lot of money to hide them!

My skirts are getting shorter.

My heels are getting higher.

My garden's full if weeds (as it were! No grey pubes round here thankstowax)

Am never going to see 40 again.

Am going to grow older very disgracefully!


foxinsocks · 15/05/2011 10:32

For me it was really enjoying my national trust membership and watching Midsomer Murders


Salmotrutta · 15/05/2011 10:37

I echo everything you've said foxinsocks - apart from the Midsomer Murders bit (never could get into that series).

I'm a lot more confident and "settled" now .................... and I do love a good nosey round a historic monument Grin


Megatron · 15/05/2011 10:44

Ifancy I like the cut of your jib. Smile

I too will never see 40 again. Unless you include counting the rolls of fat that seem to be multiplying daily round my middle. Blush

Ah well, looks like I'll have to start buying Tena Lady to avoid those embarrassing sneezing incidents.

OP posts:

pobbob · 15/05/2011 10:48

I realised I was getting on a bit when alongside the occasional grey hair, I realised I preferred watching documentries and history programmes to no brainer tv. I still enjoy a good crime drama though!
I also prefer a night in with a cuppa and good company to a night on the town. We also moved into a village last month...thought I'd stay in walking distance of the city centre for ever!


Secretwishescometrue · 15/05/2011 11:04

well im practically a child and iv pulled out two gray hairs, love the garden centre and KNITTING plus every other thing usually associated with "the elderly" so despair not... You can be over the hill at any age :o i probably should be ashamed... But couldnt be arsed... Too tired


MrsMellowDrummer · 15/05/2011 11:07

No grey hairs yet, but it' Sunday morning, and I'm listening to The Archers.

I'm obviously a no-hoper.

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