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to leave a note on this car?

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BerryMojito · 15/05/2011 00:17

Complicated explanation - I live on a private road and for the last couple of months there has been a car parked up against my front wall overnight several times a week. Mine is the last house along our road, it then becomes unpaved and is garages and gardens for the houses on the parallel road. I believe (know) that the owner of the car is visiting the house whose garage is next to my drive. Their garden runs alongside of mine.
This car is always parked right up against my wall on top of my lavender plants. Since it first appeared I have become increasingly annoyed and now HAVE to do something, but what? AIBU to leave a tactful/angry note on the windscreen?

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SarahStratton · 15/05/2011 00:21

I'd leave a tactful note. If that didn't work I'd then leave something spikey where they park.


BeerTricksPotter · 15/05/2011 00:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

YellowDinosaur · 15/05/2011 00:24

If you know who the car belongs to then it would be much better to knock on their door and politely point out that they are damaging your plants by parking where they are and would they mind either a) parking a little further away from the wall so they do not cause the damage, or (if the private road means that you actually own the stretch outside your house rather than a shared ownership of whole road by people who live there) b) that the place they are parking is private land so could they please park elsewhere.

Although not as easy as leaving a note I think it is easier to come accross well in person compared to a note which can always be misread however nicely you word it.


FudgeGirl · 15/05/2011 00:28

I wouldn't recommend what my DP did last time someone parked on top of our drive so we could barely get onto it - which was write COCK in blackboard chalk marker on the rear windscreen.

Up to then, he had tried notes that said "Please don't park here, it makes it impossible or very dangerous to get on and off our drive as it make oncoming traffic invisible." The polite notes didn't work Hmm


holderness · 15/05/2011 00:30

I wouldn't leave a note first off-passive aggressive alert - but I would put all sorts of stones,pots,whatever-crap-I can-find in the way of their parking on my land.

Im presuming that your lavender plants are on 'your' land (whether you own or rent). is there a definite border ? Perhaps the parker doesn't know/think that the land belongs to anyone


BerryMojito · 15/05/2011 00:30

Have considered the spikes to be honest! It is driving me nuts. My worry is what exactly to say in a tactful note - please stop parking on my lavender or more explanation of why the car cannot be there. There are other inconsiderate things that they do that I bite my tongue about and I don't want my pent up annoyances to come out in a petty row about parking!

OP posts:

Tortington · 15/05/2011 00:33

i live on a private road - i pay for it to be re-surfaced and so it gets on my tits when people park outside my house.

i'd leave a note


Tortington · 15/05/2011 00:35

what i would really do is get dh to have a word in a threatening way - but if this isn;t an option. a nice note to begin with

if it happens again - a nail - it will become too expensive to park outside your house


BerryMojito · 15/05/2011 00:36

The lavender is not in a clearly marked bed, but is growing in front of my garden wall. It is a private road so theoretically I own the road in front of my house. If it was occasional I don't think I would be so annoyed but it is there 3 or 4 times a week - to the point where my neighbour asked if I had met someone new who was staying over a lot!

OP posts:

BerryMojito · 15/05/2011 00:39

No dh Custardo, hence my friend's comment!

OP posts:

Valpollicella · 15/05/2011 00:40

Leave a polite note.

If that doesn't work buy a load of cheap lipsyls from the pound shop and write the same message on their windscreen with those



CheeseandGherkins · 15/05/2011 00:42

Put some cheap potted plants in the way if nothing else works


BerryMojito · 15/05/2011 00:42

Grin to Val

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RealEyesRealiseRealLies · 15/05/2011 00:50

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BerryMojito · 15/05/2011 00:57

Yep, I'm going with the meerkat army! Thanks for all of your responses.

OP posts:

AgentZigzag · 15/05/2011 01:01

Did your DH write cock forwards on the window fudgegirl, or backwards so the driver could plainly read the judgment looking in his rear view mirror? Grin


BerryMojito · 15/05/2011 01:03

Better forwards surely so that the everyone else knows!

OP posts:

AgentZigzag · 15/05/2011 01:07

OK, addition of a primary school bogs illustration of the word for those not able to read backwards then Berry Grin


LordOfTheFlies · 15/05/2011 01:12

Can't you get some bags of sand or bark chippings delivered that would be too big to move but you wouldn't have to worry about being damaged.Might be enough to wean them away. Grow pyracantha, its spikey and tough( and very pretty)
Disclaimer: its not me cos I flipping hate lavender and wouldn't park with a thousand miles.


FudgeGirl · 15/05/2011 01:21

I do think he actually wrote it backwards (he's a bit like that), so they would read it in their mirror when they got in the car Blush

We have terrible problems with people parking so close to our drive (like right onto the dropped kerb) that we really struggle to get round the car or that we can't see the traffic coming from up the road, especially if a van parks there.

A stupid woman was visiting next door but one a few months back and she actually parked straight across our very elderly neighbour's drive.

OH called the police and asked if they would do anything as we were sick of these neighbours' guests. Good to their word they said they would try to find a phone number for the registered keeper (I swear, they did, I really didn't think they could do that) and ten minutes later the stupid cow came out to move her car. I did really shout at her, elderly lady next door is lovely and her son's come two or three times a day to see her and one of them couldn't get onto the drive and had to park on ours.

Given what I've just said ^ OP I don't know if ringing the non-emergency police number if they are causing an obstruction would help? It did in our case, I'll admit I was amazed though that it seems that they really did call this woman and told her to move her car from our neighbour's drive.


LordOfTheFlies · 15/05/2011 01:40

Fudge Girl I didn't think the police could do anything unless she was blocking a car in ; blocking a car out of an OSP is not an offence even with a dropped kerb.
berryMojito if the police were anything to go by when we had a car dumped at the back of our garden (service road, private space) they could /would not intervene as private land


FudgeGirl · 15/05/2011 02:57

Neither did I tbh, but they did do this time. She looked like there were ants in her pants as she rushed to move her car just ten minutes after DP called police.


Collaborate · 15/05/2011 09:20

OP- check your deeds. The owners of the garage may well only have a right of way over the private road, which means they have no right to park there. They certainly cannot park over your boundary. Find out who owns the road. Look at the documents you were given when you bought the place and hopefully the answer is there somewhere. If "no one" owns the road then in law each property owner will own up to the middle of the road, with those further down the road having a right of way.
I'd suggest you put up a clamping sign, but that is becoming increasingly regulated, and is tantamount to extortion,


DuelingFanjo · 15/05/2011 09:26

no parking sign?

or I would put some pots in the way, at the very least it would stop them parking so close to the beds. Big heavy pots with a layer of stones and gravel at the bottom or perhaps these


moomaa · 15/05/2011 09:34

Why won't you knock on the door and ask them not to park there? Notes can come accross as very passive aggressive and could risk the person parking there just to annoy you.

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