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To want to join Gransnet, even though I'm not a Gran?

27 replies

hiddenhome · 13/05/2011 20:54

I am not a Gran, but I find myself wanting to answer some of the posts Confused

OP posts:

MoonGirl1981 · 13/05/2011 21:02

Well you might be a Gran one day - is good practice!!


Niecie · 13/05/2011 21:08

Go for it! Whose going to know, apart from us of course and we won't tell.

Do they check your credentials before you are allowed to post or something? Wink


mrsgmhopkins · 13/05/2011 21:11

You have to go over an entire assault course without letting go of your Zimmerframe. Mind you, it does help you get over the wall.


vajazzhands · 13/05/2011 21:13

Lots of non mums and dads on mumsnet! But they do seem to be a bit more polite on gransnet.. SO maybe try and not to be too "mumsnety" on there out of respect.


OldLadyKnowsNothing · 13/05/2011 21:14

Are you an infuriated DIL, OP?


hiddenhome · 13/05/2011 21:17

No, I'm a well behaved DIL, I promise Grin

I do nurse the elderly though, so I have a pretty good insight into what makes them tick Wink

OP posts:

OldLadyKnowsNothing · 13/05/2011 21:31

We're not all elderly, y'know.


hiddenhome · 13/05/2011 21:33

Yer you are Grin

OP posts:

KurriKurri · 13/05/2011 21:33

I wanted to answer a couple of posts too - then remembered I wasn't registered - it's rather nice over there, and I am gran aged, but I spend too much time on MN already.


OldLadyKnowsNothing · 13/05/2011 21:33

Hah, you cheeky young scallywag! Why, I'll have you know, in my day....

Where's my specs?


hiddenhome · 13/05/2011 21:42

They're next to your hearing aid you silly old bat Grin Grin Grin

OP posts:

hiddenhome · 13/05/2011 21:43

I'm 41, I'm old enough to be a gran.

OP posts:

Tee2072 · 13/05/2011 21:44

Hearing aide? Hearing aide? None of that new fangled stuff for me, I have an ear trumpet! Grin

I guess I should go join although my son is only 23 months so I've got a way to go to become a gran!


OldLadyKnowsNothing · 13/05/2011 21:45


(I'm 49, btw. Grin)


pigletmania · 13/05/2011 21:57

I am a member of Gransnet and I am not a gran yet (my dd is 4 btw) so not for a while


piprabbit · 13/05/2011 22:02

I think it all seems lovely and calm over there - and slightly easier to read.
Might join up as I'm old enough to be a gran.


hiddenhome · 13/05/2011 22:02

Is it frowned upon if you're not actually a gran, or are they quite tolerant then?

I know how grumpy some of these old 'uns can be Grin

OP posts:

hiddenhome · 13/05/2011 22:04

I am fondly imagining them discussing quilting, cups of tea, going to church, ration cards and blackout curtains Hmm

I never actually had a grandmother, so perhaps I am looking for some comforting words Grin

OP posts:

OldLadyKnowsNothing · 13/05/2011 22:11

It's not all knitting, y'know.

Er, ration cards and all that - my mum remembers that!

(And my much younger friend does that quilting thing. Grin)


piprabbit · 13/05/2011 22:12

Somebody started an AIBU - and then just introduced herself...and everyone said hello and were lovely and welcoming.

Wouldn't happen like that in MN AIBU.


BelleDameSansMerci · 13/05/2011 22:13

My mother is on there - do it at your peril Grin


hiddenhome · 13/05/2011 23:26

I have joined, and dropped a few of my pearls of wisdom their way Grin

They seem very polite Hmm

OP posts:

OldLadyKnowsNothing · 13/05/2011 23:40

Well, we're all getting used to each other at the moment, of course we're being polite.

Apart from one troll brat in an AIBU thread.

Your job sounds like incredibly hard work, btw. Thank you for doing it.


squeakytoy · 13/05/2011 23:47

I was a "gran" at 36.. thankyou stepson! Hmm


Salmotrutta · 13/05/2011 23:56

I'm swithering now ......... thought it wasn't for me ............ may lurk.

Disclaimer: I don't actually have a proper "bosom" but I am a gran!! Grin

I've also realised I must be "well wise" wot wiv 'avin kids n grandkids 'n all.

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