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To think that I am the best person to judge what food to give my child

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BlueberryPancake · 13/05/2011 12:09

DS (5) is taking medecine at the moment (Phenoxylmethil Penicillin) it tastes discusting. I have to go to his school to give it to him an hour before his lunch. I usually give him a couple of chocolate buttons to help him get rid of the bad taste in his mouth. One of the admin staff at his school commented on giving him two chocolate buttons! She offered to get him a glass of water instead. I didn't say anything - but really, two chocolate buttons, and there are no other children about so it's not as if they are jealous. Really. Two bleep chocolate buttons.

OP posts:

strandedbear · 13/05/2011 12:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OTheHugeManatee · 13/05/2011 12:11

Flipping nanny state. Hmm


BlueberryPancake · 13/05/2011 12:11

I'll mke sure SHE gets a huge box of chocolates at christmas!

OP posts:

Punkatheart · 13/05/2011 12:12

Daft. Standard practice and also an intelligent one because children then connect an unpleasant experience with a good one. No trauma. Political correctness gone mad. I hope they weighed him afterwards and checked him for tooth decay. Because it is serious and someone may well go to the press about this. SS may be involved. You be careful with those chocolate buttons - they have been known to bring down governments, destroy lives.....


Bartimaeus · 13/05/2011 12:16

Grin My mum swore by chocolate buttons as an excellent motivation for young children! Very small piece of chocolate but large enough to have a nice taste.

Only way she ever used to make me stand up was by putting chocolate buttons on a table....



bronze · 13/05/2011 12:18

I've been giving my ds genadine after his meds so you're not the only one who uses this method (not buttons because dh would eat them)


QuackQuackBoing · 13/05/2011 12:23



Bloodymary · 13/05/2011 12:25

You say she is admin. staff, so what are her qualifications regarding child care, nutrition etc?

Cheeky cow!


Pancakeflipper · 13/05/2011 12:34

No not chocolate buttons - its fruit pastilles or jelly tots. That's what my dad gave us with yucky medicines.


Punkatheart · 13/05/2011 12:37

I hope you realise that I have just had to go out and buy some chocolate buttons. But I will NOT be giving them to my child. The very thought. Terribly destructive and subversive to family life.


MoonGirl1981 · 13/05/2011 12:44

Ooooooo, I love chocolate buttons. They had the giant ones in my local Tesco for £1 for a HUGE bag!

What's her issue? Are chocolate buttons not allowed now?

Aren't they designed for children?


Zippylovesgeorge · 13/05/2011 12:46

Chocolate buttons should be given free to all parents of small children. Not only do they take the nasty taste of medicine away - they are also invaluble during potty training ;)


lucysmum · 13/05/2011 12:50

Ridiculous ! my 4 yr old was given her disgusting medicine by the teaching asst who was quite happy to give out the specified 4 chocolate buttons as well - good for counting practice ! Dd had just spend 4 days in hospital and practically lived on choc buttons which made IV drips and all other sorts of nasty stuff much easier to bear for all of us. I had quite a few too to help with my stress levels....


cuttingpicassostoenails · 13/05/2011 13:10

Dear blueberryPancake,
I would be very annoyed at any member of the admin staff who had the temerity to comment on my mothering skills.

Has this silly woman never heard of positive reinforcement? Next time, tell her to mind her own business.

Yours in high dudgeon



Indaba · 13/05/2011 20:16

Oh my goodness, am a bit shocked at this thread....a person makes a comment who does not have a degree or PhD in the area in which they have commented on.....hear it, ignore it.......are you saying had she had been "qualified" it would be ok.....don't like the assertion "she was only admin".....she has a different what...ignore it......move on.


rosie1979 · 13/05/2011 20:25

YANBU! My mum was sooo anti sugar but she used to give me a bit of chocolate with horrible medicine - I would do the same.


RunAndBeMum · 13/05/2011 20:36

It was ever thus. I had to take horrible travel sickness pills on school trips (mid-1980s). My parents provided jelly tots to take the taste away but the teachers never let me have them. Sadistic gits. YADNBU


cunexttuesonline · 13/05/2011 20:42

They give out choc buttons after immunisations at the Drs surgery.


WincyEtNightie · 13/05/2011 20:44

Grin Punkatheart

Can I have one? The kids are in bed so no young morals to be corrupted here.


Punkatheart · 13/05/2011 21:36

Wincy - it would be the thin end of the wedge, you know that - don't you?

(crams in mouth)


EvenLessNarkyPuffin · 13/05/2011 22:38

At the end of term buy her a nice box of carob 'chocolates', as real chocolate obviously offends her.


AnyoneforTurps · 13/05/2011 22:40

Idiot (her not you). I'm a GP and always recommend chocolate to help get medicines into children as the taste is strong enough to get rid of the medicine taste.


StealthPolarBear · 13/05/2011 22:44

grenadine!! Isn't that alcoholic?


RatherBe · 14/05/2011 00:28

It's not alcoholic, Stealth - although it is an ingredient in lots of alcoholic cocktails.


L8rAllig8r · 14/05/2011 00:30

No alcohol in grenadine. It's just fruit syrup. Made from pomegranates.

Our nurse gives choc buttons after immunisations, so YANBU.

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