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to make dp beg the registrar to taake the wedding cd

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AuntiePickleBottom · 11/05/2011 22:18

there was strict instructions when we booked our wedding that the cd had to be bought in 2 weeks or more before the wedding. the wedding is next saturday so should of been there by now.

i have done all the planning myself, and this was dp only thing to do as he has the car in the week so can get there far more easily than me.

well i went in the wedding folder just now and the cd is still there, now i am getting stressed. What if he forgets the rings or the time ect

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MavisEnderby · 11/05/2011 22:24

I am sure it will all be fine:)Even if he DOES forget it will be a funny story in the future! Seriously,you love the guy,you are getting married,even if there are a few hiccups,it will all turn out OK.not the end of the world.Last minute wobble,maybe?

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