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AIBU to have wanted to put my smelly socks on their noses?

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Ripeberry · 11/05/2011 21:10

I was at a local leisure center today and in the next cubicle (big familly one) there were two women and their very exitable girls.

The girls kept going onto the floor and looking into my cubicle and shouting out as loud as they could "Ohh, that lady has big boobies" and then about the colour of my knickers.
These parents had no manners and did not even tell their kids (8yr old approx) to NOT look into other cubicles.
I was so tempted to put my smelly socks on their noses if they had managed to have a third look Angry.

Thankfully, they left before I came out so at least I could remain annonymous to the parents. An old lady had been hearing everything a few cubicles down and she told me "In my day, those kids would have been told right off to NEVER do that kind of thing!"
So we just tutted together about it.

I'll just make sure to try and avoid them next week.

OP posts:

MangoTango · 11/05/2011 21:17

YANBU. Although I'm sure if you had the parents would suddenly have sprung into action and screeched at you! Hmm


squeakytoy · 11/05/2011 21:18

I would have put my foot on their faces, never mind a sock!


emsyj · 11/05/2011 21:20

I would have told them off myself. And then reported it to the staff.


RevoltingPeasant · 11/05/2011 21:20

YANBU! At my gym last month there were these three kids who kept running and out of the changing room and yanking back the curtain covering one cubicle, which contained an older lady (mid-70s, I'd guess) who was quite obviously upset by it. Parents nowhere in sight!



GotArt · 11/05/2011 21:27

I would have hollered from my cubicle how rude they were behaving on the second look. I could understand if it was a wee toddler peeking under but 8 year olds. Rude.

Shock RevoltingPeasant

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