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for not thinking the worst about people?

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missmyoldname · 11/05/2011 16:16

AIBU for not being a suspicious person, and in thinking the best of people.
Does this make me naive?

For example, I have friends who won't get a taxi to the airport as they think the taxi driver will then know their house is empty and rob them! This honestly never occurred to me!

My DH thinks you should never mention to anyone other than close friends/family about any things of value that you own (for example saying to a neighbour or acquaintence that you have bought a new bike/car/etc), as they may tell someone else, who then might rob you! Again, this never occurred to me!

I think its all quite cynical and depressing tbh, but maybe I am just naive?

OP posts:

IndigoBell · 11/05/2011 16:19

Your friend and DH sound unreasonably paranoid. :)

The only way most taxi drivers rob people is with the fare they charge :)

Surely you have insurance for the unlikely event of you being robbed anyway....


GleamingHeels · 11/05/2011 16:19

"I think its all quite cynical and depressing tbh, but maybe I am just naive?"

Me too


bluepaws · 11/05/2011 16:19

how does taxi driver know you dont have adult kids still staying in the house

or two alsation guard dogs


izzywhizzyletsgetbusy · 11/05/2011 16:39

It is depressing, but I'd rather be accused of being a cynic than a fool.

It makes sense not to advertise to strangers that you'll be away from home but that doesn't stop me taking cabs to airports - if you're particularly paranoid you can always tell the driver that a friend/relative is staying over to look after pets while you're off for a couple of days break.

I was brought up not to draw the attention of others to any particularly expensive item I owned as it was considered boasting, and I don't feel the need to appraise others of the cost of items I currently own or the prce of my new purchases unless specifically asked about them.


missmyoldname · 11/05/2011 17:39

I wasn't suggesting telling people about the actual cost of things, but merely mentioning things in passing.

For example, DH would find it unwise to make a comment such as 'We bought this massive TV and didn't for one minute think about how we'd get it in the house.'

Or 'DH is a nightmare for buying bikes, when he has more than enough already.'

To me they are the kind of comments you make as part of any conversation. Whereas DH thinks I might as well put a huge sign on the house saying 'please rob us!'.

OP posts:

Bumblequeen · 11/05/2011 17:56

This reply has been deleted

Withdrawn at poster's request.

cardibach · 11/05/2011 18:02

'I'd rather be accused of being a cynic than a fool' izzywhizzyletsgetbusy I'm the opposite! I'd much rather occsionally find out I'd been a fool than distrust everyone. Most people are honest, after all.


SusiaX · 11/05/2011 18:39

I try not to be too distrusting but I'm very wary about going away as we were burgled when visiting relatives three years ago. Don't know if they saw us walking to the station with our cases or I also wonder if I told the garage that we were going away so we couldn't have our car repaired on those days ? can't remember but we're definitely much more careful now. Oh and we now have an alarm.


kerala · 11/05/2011 18:52

I am of your frame of mind but when something does happen to you you become cynical/wary. Eg had my purse stolen out of my bag in Starbucks so am now edgy and paranoid about handbags in coffee shops. Likewise every car I have ever owned has been pinched so have rather a negative cars will always be stolen attitude about that. So positive until it happens then negative I suppose.


kerala · 11/05/2011 18:55

Although any cab driver that drove us to the airport and was planning a burglary would get a shock as we do houseswap holidays now so the house would be full of burly French people Grin


Tuppence2 · 11/05/2011 19:19

My parents always make a point of telling the taxi driver that they have someone housesitting, when in actual fact I pop up once or twice to check on things.
Although, like Kerala, having been mugged in a busy city centre at 15 on a friday evening, I am very wary of my bag/purse, and am always extra aware of who's walking very close to me, etc.
If I was worried about someone breaking into my flat, I'd never go out!


sickoftheholidays · 11/05/2011 19:20

I'm a very trusting soul, have told the window cleaner not to come cause were on holiday, same for the cleen binz bloke, and the ringtons tea lady and the postman. I only lock my front door at night. You would think I was a sitting duck, but I've never had anything stolen (except my purse in town)
in 10 years of living here. did I mention I love my neighbourhood?

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