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to start a residents protest (more of a wwyd)

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agedknees · 11/05/2011 12:23

OK, we live in a 14 storey apartment block. Our windows are cleaned roughly 4 times a year. All inaccessible (to residents) are supposed to be cleaned, but they are not. Our management company organises this (and charges a hefty sum).

My bedroom windows have been cleaned, but not the balcony glass (inaccesible to clean by me). I complained and yesterday hey presto my balcony glass was cleaned. No one elses though.

I have just been chatting to residents in the lift. No one has had their balcony glass cleaned. They all pay the same service charges per year (roughly about £2,000 depending on the size of their apartment).

I was thinking of putting letters in peoples letter box asking if they had had their glass cleaned, then I would get onto the management company. Bearing in mind I spoke to the estate management yesterday and he just brushed me off (said all the balcony glass looked dirty because it was dirty inside the balcony).

So should I just stay quiet because mine has been cleaned, or stick my neck out (because I am a nosey cow, but people are paying for a service and not receiving it?)

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kreecherlivesupstairs · 11/05/2011 12:30

I think I would be inclined to phone the agents again and ask that the whole of the block are done otherwise you will be asking the other residents to withold part of their fees.

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