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I finally flipped and put their rubbish outside their door

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Mammie81 · 10/05/2011 19:25

ARGH! I probably am BU but I cant handle the people in the flat upstairs anymore!!!

Day and night they argue, they are home all day arguing or having sex, throwing things, breaking the communal lights, slamming the gates to the flats, having parties which always end in arguments and sometimes police, walking around in stilletos at 4am, leaving broken glass on the communal stairs and more!

Today it was a trail of thick mud leading from the gates all the way up the stairs to their door (so DEF them!) Im not walking that shit through my flat when the baby is crawling around. I swept it up and left it in a pile outside their flat... Blush

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bustersmummy · 10/05/2011 19:26

Good for you Grin

Oh and YANBU


RunAwayWife · 10/05/2011 19:39

good for you


atswimtwolengths · 10/05/2011 20:27

Good for you, but let us know their reaction!


Mammie81 · 10/05/2011 22:39

Im sure it will be cause an argument. Followed by noisy sex. Thats the usual pattern of events.

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