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to be having a small panic attack and wibble?

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Crevix · 10/05/2011 09:37

I have a gym induction in an hour.

I am freaking out.

They will be doing a 'fitness test'. I am very fat and very unfit. I suspect they will want to weigh me.

I want to go back to bed and cry.

I actually feel a bit sick.

OP posts:

Lunabelly · 10/05/2011 09:40

YANBU. Not at all. I think I would hide as well.

BUT...think how great you'll feel after a few gym sessions, and go for it. :)


FabbyChic · 10/05/2011 09:40

Hey you are taking a step towards reducing your weight, don't be worried. Just think of it as the start of a long journey to a better you.


Hammy02 · 10/05/2011 09:41

You are taking the first step towards fitness and that is great. Go for it. You'll feel great afterwards. I promise. I am not saying this as a smug fit person by the way. I am in the same boat as you.


trixie123 · 10/05/2011 09:42

please don't worry -you are taking a very positive step and they will understand that and be encouraging and sympathetic. The important thing is to try and be confident about what you want to get out of it and make them go at your pace - both in terms of the explanations and the expectations. Don't say you'll do hour long sessions four times a week if you know you really won't. Help them to build you a programme that will fit in with your life and your goals and if you don't like a particular type of machine or exercise then say so and they can leave it out or find an alternative. If you feel like you are getting too many instructions and demos all in one go, ask them to slow down or say you'll ask for demos on those machines another time. Its a really good thing to be doing so don't be nervous - their job is to help you and make you feel like you WANT to be there. Good luck.


squeakytoy · 10/05/2011 09:43

I had mine last week and it went fine. (I was dreading it too..)

They took my blood pressure (no doubt a precaution to make sure you are not going to collapse on the treadmill).. and then just showed me around, explained some of the equipment, demonstrated how it worked, and let me have a go.

The lady doing the induction was in her 50's and not a superfit lycra clad gym bunny, and most of the other gym users were in their 50's or older .. At 42 I was probably the youngest there, and certainly not the biggest either.

They didnt weigh me either. :)


FluffyDonkey · 10/05/2011 09:44

I don't think they will want to weigh you. In my experience they ask what your aim is (weight loss/increase muscle/tone muscle/get more supple etc.) and then how many times a week you think you can come to the gym, for how long etc.

They may do a fitness test, but only so they know your level and so can advise you how to use each machine without completely killing you!!!

They will then, based on the results and what you tell them, give you a personalised program of what to do, which machine, for how long on which level etc.

They are there to HELP you, not to laugh at you. I've been a member of my gym for years now and it is lovely seeing people arriving, very shy and unsure of themselves and within a few months they are transformed and full of confidence.

No one is judging you for your size, more likely they will be silently cheering you on.

Please don't cry. It'll be fine and it's the first step to losing weight (which I think I saw you wanted to do on another thread?)

If they DO ask to weigh you (which would really surprise me) you can refuse you know. It's not legally obligatory! Just tell them that you would rather not be weighed, but that your goal is weight loss and you can measure that at home.


FluffyDonkey · 10/05/2011 09:49

oh and my mum started using a gym for the first time aged 57. She lost some weight first because she was so shy about her weight, but then bit the bullet and joined the gym. She continued with her diet at the same time (nothing fancy, just cutting out "bad" stuff) and the weight just melted off her!

It was so impressive. She did 30 minutes, 5 times a week and got a lovely figure from it.


Crevix · 10/05/2011 09:51

i have the runs. ridiculous.

OP posts:

FluffyDonkey · 10/05/2011 10:05

No a totally normal reaction to a nervous situation!

Seriously though, if you get there and the instructors are nasty and bitchy and laugh at your weight then CHANGE GYMS!!!

The gym instructors I know are all lovely. They will not judge an overweight person for wanting to learn how to use the machines. Totally the opposite!!!


domesticslattern · 10/05/2011 10:06

Wibble not!
Remember- you are paying them, not the other way round.


Crevix · 10/05/2011 10:11


If I don't report back in a couple of hours I may have keeled over ina sweaty heap.

OP posts:

Hammy02 · 10/05/2011 10:22

Make sure you eat before you go. Even if its just a banana.


Crevix · 10/05/2011 11:51

went really well until a poor lady collapsed and my resuscitation skills were called upon Shock

i'm even more of a wibble now.

OP posts:

domesticslattern · 10/05/2011 11:55

oh no! Is she OK?


Psammead · 10/05/2011 11:56


Are you ok? Was she?

You did two amazing things today.


Crevix · 10/05/2011 11:56

got taken off in an ambulace Sad was startin to come around a bit but not well at all poor thing

OP posts:

Psammead · 10/05/2011 11:59

Oh my goodness. Well, you are a hero.

Next time you go to the gym, remember that!


Crevix · 10/05/2011 12:01

have to go back tomorrow for rest of induction. i have paid though so HAVE to go.

OP posts:

Psammead · 10/05/2011 12:03

Good for you. Gosh, Crevix, after today it will be positively boring

Hope the woman makes a full recovery.

Are you ok? I hope you are not too shaken up.


FluffyDonkey · 10/05/2011 14:48

Wow I skim read at first and thought you needed the ambulance and I was really worried after how nervous you were.

Hope the lady will be ok.

Did you get to start the induction? Were they nice?


HerbWoman · 10/05/2011 15:02

Was nobody at the gym trained in resuscitation?

Enjoy the rest of it tomorrow, Crevix.


Crevix · 10/05/2011 16:26

they were lovely. very encouraging and friendly (and also a nurse!) and my resus practice just sprang into action. Will find out tomorrow how she is.

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