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Oakmaiden · 09/05/2011 14:13

when I KNOW I have essays to write and exams to prepare for?

What sort of example am I showing to the children, procrastinating and putting things off until the last minute. What am I teaching them?

Although, there is only an hour now 'til I have to go and do the school run - how much work could I REALLY get done in that time?

Please discuss and help me waste some more time. :D

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jbcbj · 09/05/2011 14:15

give us an essay title - we could write it for you...Grin


Wilfimina · 09/05/2011 14:15

Haha oakmaiden thats what I am doing. Why clean the bathroom right now when it will be so much easier to do it once i have collected the big kid from school and then he can entertain the small one?

I also spent the morning phoning my gran just to check she was ok. So i didnt have to clean the bathroom.


ColdHeartedBitch · 09/05/2011 14:16

A fair bit of work especially if you consider how much you can get written in an hour long exam.

However, i too should be doing stuff and really cba. I have been up since 5am and the stupid pain killers arent working today. So i really really cba to sort out the house. Must as there are people coming later.

So i'll go get on if you will.


Al0uiseG · 09/05/2011 14:18

Set the timer for 45 minutes and crack on!


Oakmaiden · 09/05/2011 14:20

Oh, you lot are no fun....

OP posts:

MardyBra · 09/05/2011 14:22

jbcbj - can you do my admin too?


Oakmaiden · 09/05/2011 14:24

OK - I have 2 IT essays, a maths essay/exam, and english essay/exam and a science essay. Can't do the presentation right now as I have forwarded it to a colleague to work on, and haven't got her notes back yet.

So - what do I start with? The shortest one or the ones that needs to be in first (they are all due the same week). Or the most interesting one?

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BeerTricksPotter · 09/05/2011 14:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oakmaiden · 09/05/2011 14:48

English exam first. Have to do a linguistic and literary analysis of Keats "To Autumn". Only need to do as much as I can write up in an hour long exam.

I can do that.


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Al0uiseG · 09/05/2011 14:53

Start with the least interesting one, work up to the most interesting one as a perverse kind of reward.


jbcbj · 09/05/2011 17:04

definitely the science one - bound to be the most interesting, so you can spend loads of time doing lovely research and then rush the others at the last minute....

mardybra - admin really isn't my forte, but if you don't mind it being approached from a unique perspective chuck it on down; i'll get dd on the case while i cook supper!


strandedbear · 09/05/2011 17:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MsToni · 09/05/2011 17:09

Can't help you sorry :)

After 1 Law degree and 2 masters, I'd be very happy not to have anything to do with studying for life :)

I've been on here for awhile too. One serious issue in R and other stuffs here. Its going on 6...well past 5 and I have lost 6 hours on here......someone tell me to fuck off MN please!!!! Grin


stressheaderic · 09/05/2011 17:11

I have 2 lessons to plan for tomorrow, the house is a tip and DP is due home in 20 mins.
However, DD has just gone for a a quick MN won't hurt


fruitshootsandheaves · 09/05/2011 17:11

I have my final major degree show in 2 weeks, and my project is erm...a scribble so far...must get off here, must get motivated, although I do find it helps to come on here for 10 minutes in every fifteencouple of hours to have a break.
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!


fruitshootsandheaves · 09/05/2011 17:12

2 masters???

are you MAD


MsToni · 09/05/2011 17:16


I must be. What can I say? I was a driven and ambitious young woman and I wanted to be the best, save the world bla bla bla :)

Now, I just want to smother my child in kisses and cuddle him 24/7.

How sad am I? :)


Finallyspring · 09/05/2011 17:28

Am doing an MA and couldn't get through it without mumsnet. Perfect as a reward to get me through and for switching off and relaxing at the end of the day. If not mumsnet it would be wine. Fridays do both at same time.


Oakmaiden · 09/05/2011 17:34

Spent an hour looking at the rhyme and metre in To Autumn.

Then tried to look at my maths. Oh God. Not even sure what question we are supposed to really answer.

The set question is:

"Mathematics is a much more creative and imaginative and useful subject than many people believe. A study of its history will help the learner gain insight into the true nature and value of the subject." Discuss this statement, using specific examples to analyse and evaluate the subject.

Discuss this statement? I make that TWO statements! I think I am supposed to discuss the second one and the first is just kind of to introduce the statement. Most of the course was on history of maths, anyway. But I am not sure, and I can't go back and ask as we have to prepare it as an exam question.


OP posts:

fruitshootsandheaves · 09/05/2011 17:35

one degree was enough for me, and that took me 40 years! Grin


Finallyspring · 09/05/2011 17:36

What an odd set question . What course is it ?


Oakmaiden · 09/05/2011 17:39

It is a BA in Education. I have to prepare it for a one hour exam. And I am stumped, really.

Feeling really blegh about all of them, really.

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