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to think that when DH says he'll "do the washing up"....

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cfc · 08/05/2011 20:18

...that he DOES the washing up!

Instead, I come down from feeding the little one to sleep to find ALL the washing simply sat on the draining board.


Anyone else's fella do this?

OP posts:

K999 · 08/05/2011 20:19

No. Mine is well trained....Grin plus he knows if he does what he's told I'll reward him with a blow job! Grin


hairfullofsnakes · 08/05/2011 20:24

k999 that made me laugh! mine gets a cup of tea when he is a good boy! Grin


tethersend · 08/05/2011 20:26

Mine does the washing up, no problem.

Apart from all of the fucking cutlery which is left in the bottom of the rancid, uncleaned sink, of course.


cfc · 08/05/2011 20:28

Now, he might even do the hedge if I put that on the table, K999....!!

It's the "I'll do the washing up hun" and benevolent smile that does it for me. Half jobber.

Maybe I should do that K999, start a BJ and then just not finish it - teach him a lesson.

OP posts:

cfc · 08/05/2011 20:28

tether - that's weird, have you even asked him why?

OP posts:

bustersmummy · 08/05/2011 20:29

I was going to say, if he'd been my ex, his answer would've been "but I didn't say WHEN I'd do it"


HecateQueenOfTheNight · 08/05/2011 20:34


He always does the pots.

sorry, I mean 'dishes'. Forgot where I was for a moment there Wink

and he does the hoovering too. Grin


Sarsaparilllla · 08/05/2011 20:36

Mine does this, he will do things eventually but he has no sense of urgency about them and doesn't get understand why doing the washing up 'at some unspecificed point in the future' rather than 'now instead of watching crap on the tv' irritates me


bustersmummy · 08/05/2011 20:37

Sarsaparilllla - that's exactly what I was trying to say but you said it so much better


fedupofnamechanging · 08/05/2011 20:38

Mine always leaves one pot 'to soak', even though it is non stick and doesn't need to. I wouldn't mind if he came back to finish washing said pot at some point, but he never does and I always end up finishing it off. This annoys me more than it ought to, I think.


tethersend · 08/05/2011 20:41

Asked, screamed, pleaded, growled... I think he just doesn't like that bit.

Which makes that half a blowjob idea very tempting indeed Wink


FlaminGreatGallah · 08/05/2011 20:41

Well it's better than, "I'll do the washing up for you" when it's all his sodding stuff.

But yes, washing up entails hot soapy water and placing on the draining board and then wiping the sink. And perhaps the draining board if overspill from the saucepans has dirtied it. Crockery and silver doesn't need to be dried, it dries itself, but please remove the manky bits from the sink before wiping. And any stains or spills on the worktops before they set in.

An exceptional partner might sweep crumbs from the table and under it. But since I don't always do this myself...


SlightlyJaded · 08/05/2011 20:41

karma same here. Non-stick pan or pot that would actually take in the region of one minute to clean is left to 'soak' indefinitely. And Tethers my DH doesn't think the cutlery 'counts' either.

Really. Fucking. Annoying.


BunnyWunny · 08/05/2011 20:46

Mine does the washing up, BUT he always has to leave one thing in the bowl, full of dirty water, and he doesn't dry anything so creates a huge balancing, leaning tower of pots and pans which inevitably falls over and smashes on the floor. Most things then need rewashing as he doesn't bother to change the water, ever! , and if anything require some elbow grease it's left on the side for me...ahhhhhh...


BunnyWunny · 08/05/2011 20:48

And why does he have to stack the sharp knives in the drainer tub with the blades upwards so we all nearly slice ourselves on them?


Pfriend · 08/05/2011 20:50

Mine does EXACTLY the same. He just doesn't like washing up cutlery, apparently. Thank god we now have a dishwasher.


Maiasaurus · 08/05/2011 20:53

My DH is a most excellent washer-upper. Kitchen is left all clear and sparkling clean.... but he always has to 'hide' something. Hmm

Cake tins in the pan cupboard? Tupperware with the glasses? He has lived here for thirteen years and still doesn't know the system.

And, he doesn't hunt round for the plates/glasses that the DCs have squirrelled away in their rooms, under the sofa, etc so there is quite often another sinkful for me to do anyway.


blueeyedmonster · 08/05/2011 20:55

Yep. It's my dp's job to do the washing up and most mornings I come downstairs and he hasn't done it or he hasn't dried up and put away. I still end up doing part or all of it for him.

Drives me bonkers.


ZonkedOut · 08/05/2011 20:56

Mine does the washing up but always misses a few things, usually our DD1's milk cup and plastic bowls. I don't know why, it just doesn't seem to occur to him to do them.


CointreauVersial · 08/05/2011 20:59

Mine does the washing a point. But anything he doesn't like the look of (i.e. saucepans) just gets left by the sink.

And he hasn't a clue what to do with a dishcloth, so I have to go in after him and wipe down all the crumbs etc.


ballstoit · 08/05/2011 21:01

Just give him half a dinner next time you cook!


fedupofnamechanging · 08/05/2011 21:49

While I was on this thread, DH decided t wash up. Have just been in the kitchen and all the saucepans have just been left on the worktop. Grrr!


devonsmummy · 08/05/2011 22:11

DH said last night as I emptied the dishwasher - don't worry about washing up ( saucepans & trays) I'll do it.
Hmm you sure cos every other time you say this you don't do it and it drives me nuts getting up to it in the morning!
I said I'd do it and I will!
I get up this morning and he says I didn't do it cos you were asleep and didn't wanna wake you up.


Cat98 · 08/05/2011 22:28

I am married to a member of the Washing Up Police. Everything has to be done to his high standards - if I dare to wash up usually half of it gets redone because I haven't rinsed the suds off properly, or something ridiculous. So, I happily leave him to it!

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