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Omitting information requested on forms?

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heliumballoons · 06/05/2011 16:22

DS has been allocated a junior school place and I have had the forms to fill in.

The bit about parents says parents who have PR for the child. The first box is for the fathers details Hmm

DS hasn't seen his father for 4 years, he does have PR, he lives abroad, doesn't pay, doesn't contact or have visitation with him (contacts b'day and xmas by phone).

I have left this part blank. Shock


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FabbyChic · 06/05/2011 16:24

Nope I'd leave it blank.


TheOriginalFAB · 06/05/2011 16:24

I would say no but there is probably a reason you have to put yes. Maybe a covering letter?

Father first doesn't really mean anything, it is just like it always being Mr and Mrs and now the other way around.


BreastmilkDoesAFabLatte · 06/05/2011 16:27

Could you put a few lines underneath to explain the situation? If the school think DS has no father or no contact with his father when he does if only twice a year, it could get a bit awkward for DS.


ashamedandconfused · 06/05/2011 16:28

Covering letter, yes

in cases like this schools can send absent parents copies of school reports etc


meditrina · 06/05/2011 16:28

I would have filled it in - sort of: I'd have given his name, then written "resident abroad, no contact in last 4 years". That covers the existence of his PR, but is a clear indicator that there is no need to contact him about anything whatsoever.


zukiecat · 06/05/2011 16:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

heliumballoons · 06/05/2011 19:27

Thanks. There is a section for additional information so I can write about the lack of contact etc.

He won't want copies of school reports but if he ever asked I'd ask the school to email it as easier for school I would think.

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