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to think that there should be a Nansnet as well as/instead of a Gransnet?

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SpringHeeledJack · 05/05/2011 21:23

Gran is v middle class, to my ear/mind. While Nan isn't.

(I had both. Actually, I had a Granny and a Nanna. I was told by a bf that Nanna was posh. He used to pronounce it Nannaar)

(mind you he had a Naaaaan. From Caaaaaamberwell. She wasn't posh, oh no.)

OP posts:
SpringHeeledJack · 06/05/2011 08:18

'My mum's boycotting Gransnet on principle. Trying far too fucking hard to be posh, she says'


it sounds a bit stuck up to me. I reckon Nansnet sounds like more of a knees up Grin

OP posts:
adhdmum · 06/05/2011 08:25

But nana is just for women - gran whilst being a name in it's own right now for grandmothers, could be short for grandad or grandma?

Here nan/ nanny is common. Is it a n/s thing? Growing up up north I only had grandma?

lubberlich · 06/05/2011 08:33

My family are all Londoners. Real ones. We have nans, nannies and nanas. The idea that a nanny is someone you pay to look after the sprogs is the most up-your-arse cobblers I have ever heard.

gingerwench · 06/05/2011 09:36

I asked my DM what she wanted us to call her on the birth of my DS and she asked to be Granny as the least bad option. If it is good enough for the Royal family then it is sufficiently posh for us! I agree with OP that Gransnet sounds a little more middle-class than Nansnet but I'm from the south of England so it could be a regional thing.

Mine were/are Grandma and Gran to differentiate them. My cousins called Grandma "Nana" but my parents thought this was rather common.

TheVeryAngryMumapillar · 06/05/2011 09:38

My kids call their Grandprents Popcorn and Anna! So I can't judge anyone!

sleepingsowell · 06/05/2011 09:51

Round 'ere (south of england) Gran/Granny is middle class/posh. Nan is the working class/'normal' terminology.
Where I work if I was to say "oh I must send a text to remind nanny about DS's school trip" they would ALL assume I meant THE nanny, not the grandmother!

hormonesnomore · 06/05/2011 19:15

Back from Gransnet - swearing is frowned upon so I didn't last long.

Love, love, love Popcorn & Anna Grin

Xenia · 06/05/2011 19:30

They should be consistent. Mumsnet is dreadful as a phrase . Many of us are mummies and mum is far too common a word to use. So if they're going for the common words you get
Nan and mum
If they want more middle class they would be Gran/mummy

olderandwider · 06/05/2011 20:25

Granny and grandpa pour moi.

But, DH's mum hates granny and prefers grandma, which always makes me think of the old Giles cartoon here Grin

SpringHeeledJack · 06/05/2011 20:25

I'm a bit middle class (in denial) and don't know any children who call their mc mothers 'mummy'

unless perhaps they want something

is it an ultra mc thing? y'know, public school and such like?


OP posts:
Housemum · 06/05/2011 20:29

I sometimes wonder if kids at school thought I was posh because I was looked after by my Nanny. She was my mother's mother, but I occasionally had Hmm looks when I said I was going out with my Nanny.

I like Granny, my mum is Grandma though (her choice) and my MIL is Nanny as in her family the grandparents are always Nanny & Pop.

southeastastra · 06/05/2011 20:31

oh fgs stop nitpicking

can i go on gransnet even though i'm not a nan? Grin

they're all talking about bunions

SpringHeeledJack · 06/05/2011 20:36

mine are doing me no good, I tell you

OP posts:
Divawithattitude · 06/05/2011 22:13

not so sure about the swearing thing......I'm working on it...............

Divawithattitude · 06/05/2011 22:14

and the bunions really made me laugh........................

zukiecat · 06/05/2011 22:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JamieAgain · 06/05/2011 22:21


TurkeyBurgerThing · 06/05/2011 22:21

I wonder if they will use the word "cunt" on their forums more often than on here?

crazynanna · 06/05/2011 22:23

GrananNet Grin

zukiecat · 06/05/2011 22:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheBolter · 06/05/2011 22:27

@ Nansnet.
Even Gran is dreadful.

Agree to Grannysnet or better still Grandmanet!

Kbear · 06/05/2011 22:33

"My family are all Londoners. Real ones. We have nans, nannies and nanas. The idea that a nanny is someone you pay to look after the sprogs is the most up-your-arse cobblers I have ever heard."

Hear hear.

Mostly Nans and Nannies round my neck of the woods - SE London. Grandma is frightfully posh and Granny is for little old ladies who make pastry not Nannies (like my mum) !

My posh great aunt (born in Bow by the way LOL so a true cockney wot moved to Dorset!) used to say to my FABULOUS Nanny... "Nannies are the hired help" . My Nanny probably had choice words for her but she concentrated on being a fabulous Nan to her grandchildren and didn't rise to it!

JamieAgain · 06/05/2011 22:35

Also Londoners - Nan, Nanny, Nanna

MrsDmamee · 06/05/2011 22:45

MIL is Granny to her 1st DGS: mine and DH's 1st son
and then after 5 years of being Granny when DGS2(SIL's 1st son) arrived she decided she wanted to be Nana nowHmm

DGD1 hasnt seen GP's(we live abroad now) since she was 4 months old so she doesnt even know she has GrannyNana??/Nanagranny???

And back home DGC4 is on the way so i've no idea what MIL wants all the DGC to call her now...All too confusing just pick a name woman!!!!

FunnysInTheGarden · 06/05/2011 22:50

we have a Nana - working class, and a granny - middle class. Nana is quite young and would hate to be called granny/grandma and granny is quite old and would loathe nana. So it works quite well for us, not much confusion for the DC

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