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to think it's sad to hear a parent say this about university?

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darleneoconnor · 04/05/2011 17:27

Overheard a parent saying that they didn't want thier DC to go to uni in case it 'turned them into a toff'.

It wasn't even as if they were talking about Oxbridge.

What chance have some DCs got in life if their parents are going to hold back their opportunities by having opinions like this?

I know that uni isn't for everyone btw.

OP posts:

Insomnia11 · 04/05/2011 17:29

It is sad that some peple have these views in this day and age. Certainly it is the sort of attitude my grandparents had which held my mum and dad back from higher education when they were certainly intelligent enough to have gone to university.


petratsdontsmell · 04/05/2011 17:31

I agree. I still remember 30 odd years ago when my cousin passed his 11+ and my aunt wouldn't let him go to grammar school 'because he'll get above his station'.

It made me realise how progressive my darling working class dad was foe encouraging me to go and being pleased for me. Even my mother didn't think it was worth sending a girl to university.


Insomnia11 · 04/05/2011 17:36

Yes, my dad was still a bit like that though I think he was more worried about the cost v the benefit. My mum was adamant I would go if I wanted to, even though they didn't have much money to help me. It also helped that a teacher told my parents that I was going to be university material when I was 5. Also that the principal of the sixth form college I went to told me to definitely go to university.


bittersweetvictory · 04/05/2011 18:21

My DDs at uni and i dont care if she turns into a toff ( which is ridiculous BTW ) as long as she gete her degree and a job at the end of it.
Grounded people dont suddenly turn into toffs, their parents bring them up that way.


Punkatheart · 04/05/2011 18:24

Yes I have met with this attitude. I also had a conversation with a lady who told me that her children would work at what they could - no one gets to choose their career. She had no ambitions for her children whatsoever...


strandedbear · 04/05/2011 18:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fluffles · 04/05/2011 18:30

this is why access to higher education programmes (which this government have just cut) are so important. Sad


fluffles · 04/05/2011 18:32

this is a very good article

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