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Advice required should I stop him seeing his son?

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cuteboots · 03/05/2011 14:29

Not sure if this is the correct bit to start this in but here goes. My son now sees his dad on a regular basis but over the weekend something came to light which made me feel really physically sick. He is being taken to court by trading standards and I saw paperwork for the prosecutions case which says hes been ripping off elderly people and carrying out work for them at inflated prices . I know I shouldnt have read this but human nature and being nosey I carried on. There are lots of cases being hilighted and also money laundering as they used one pub to cash the cheques apparently. WTF do I do now I have this info? God strike me down for being a nosey old bird but god this makes me want to throw up its so bad.. He has mentioned a court case but the details he gave me differ greatly from the ones I read about!!!! Also if hes paying me maintenance could I get into trouble if the money laundering is going on?

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cuteboots · 03/05/2011 15:20

its is tough and it took me a while to let him back in but I dont want to undo any relationship between him and his son. I will see how things pan out.

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cuteboots · 03/05/2011 15:32

bogeyface- he has been advised a prison term will be applicable and based on all the cases they have against him I think he will go down if proven guilty.

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worraliberty · 03/05/2011 18:00

Unless he puts your son in any danger, you have no right to stop him seeing his son.

Also, he hasn't even gone to court yet!

Thomas1969 · 03/05/2011 18:27

No. Your son is entitled. Seems to me if you have evidence and don't pass it on you are open to a charge of Preventing the Course of Justice at least!
I suppose you've considered he might have you involved somehow.

cuteboots · 04/05/2011 11:52

Thomas1969- Ok I have had no inolvement in his business at all and hes only been seeing his son again since Sept last year. I dont think therefore he would have involved me in anyway with this or am I being a bit naive?

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