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To be pissed that Osama wasn't arrested and put on trial instead?

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NickRobinsonsloveslave · 02/05/2011 22:15

Surely shooting him was giving him the easy way out. He is now more of a hero to his followers than before.
Wouldn't it have been better to arrest him and walk him through the streets (infront of his followers) in handcuffs. Then put him on trial, put him in prison, then let the other prisoners sort him out?

OP posts:

TheSugarPlumFairy · 02/05/2011 22:18

umm, they tried to arrest him. He wouldn't surrender. They had a shoot out and he bought the big silver bullet.

In reality he was never going surrender and would never have let himself be taken alive. He was a zealot. to die for his cause would have been his greatest achievement.


HalfPastWine · 02/05/2011 22:18

It may have given him the easy way out but had they captured him there would have no doubt been many kidnappings by now and the rest.

I have no doubt there will be reprisals anyway.


Poochini · 02/05/2011 22:21

I sadly think this was the best outcome for all. Can you imagine the televised circus? Him getting off on some ridiculus technicality? The martyrdom (probably unavoidable either way actually) and endless reprisals?

i get what you mean Nick but nope, better he's gone quickly I reckon.


Hassled · 02/05/2011 22:23

Someone suggested he should have been kept alive and made to go through airport security every day for the rest of his life :o.


longfingernails · 02/05/2011 22:24

The US special forces tried, but he used his teenage wife (yuck!) as a human shield.

I hope the fires of hell are burning extra hot for the next couple of trillion years...


HalfPastWine · 02/05/2011 23:24

LFN ....or he may be with seventy virgins in paradise.

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