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(or possibly PFB) to expect them to keep the noise down?

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ChopMonster · 02/05/2011 21:04

We had a BBQ earlier, most of our friends have gone home but a couple have stayed behind to play XBox (news to me!) Not a problem in itself, but they are downstairs shouting as they are playing a 'hunt each other down and kill em' game, while I'm upstairs trying to settle DS (9 weeks) for bed and have been at it since 7. Our house is small with thin walls and no door between the lounge and the stairs, so no sound proofing. DS is used to sleeping through normal household noise (talking, TV, dishes, washing machine, my big gob etc) but keeps jolting awake every time they shout. As I type this, one of them has just screamed Hmm

He doesn't have a set bedtime so it's not as if I'm being strict about him HAVING to go to sleep now, but he is knackered.

AIBU or PFB to expect DH to ask them to keep it down and not be shouting along with them? Or to have at least brought me a cuppa by now? Grin

I think I might just be pissy because I didn't get any marshmallows earlier. I went to feed DS and when I came back they were all gone. Hmph.

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bustersmummy · 02/05/2011 21:05

Go and tell them to keep it down.



CheerfulYank · 02/05/2011 21:09

YANBU. They're in your house; go tell them to shut it.


squeakytoy · 02/05/2011 21:10

What is stopping you going in to them and saying "keep the noise down now, baby is trying to sleep"???


MegBusset · 02/05/2011 21:12

Go downstairs and sit on the sofa with screeching baby. I'm pretty sure they'll soon leave Grin


peachyuk · 02/05/2011 21:13

i've got an 8 week old

and telling them to shut the fuck up would be the nice way of telling them!


pointythings · 02/05/2011 21:14

Tell them to Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform. That may be too polite, or incomprehensible, but it's the same thing.


Summerbird73 · 02/05/2011 21:17

not PFB at all - god i would be furious

you could go and politely say to them that you are trying to settle your 9 week old baby and would be grateful if they could take their jovial hijinks to the local pub if you will

alternatively tell them to STFU! Smile


holderness · 02/05/2011 21:18

If you cant beat em...
..definitely go down with the baby and join them on your settee.

Should take them about 10 minutes before they crack and have to be somewhere else. :o


DoMeDon · 02/05/2011 21:21

I'm assuming these 'friends' are adults and your DS's father is with them. Tell them to grow up and shut up.


albania · 02/05/2011 21:25

Just go down and tell them to shut up, you have a baby that is trying to sleep.
Do it with your best glare.
Alternatively pick up the phone and wander past the living room saying to your best friend "yes, DHs friends keep waking the baby, you'd think they'd have more common sense and courtesy, wouldn't you?"


purplepidjin · 02/05/2011 21:25

Go and take over from your DP and tell him it's his turn now, Baby wants Daddy, and you'll see him in a couple of hours. Fair's fair.


Pancakeflipper · 02/05/2011 21:27

Lean over the bannister and say "Oi, you are welcome to stay but keep the noise down. And DH - I want a cuppa"


fluffles · 02/05/2011 21:28

YABU to expect your guests to realise without you saying anything (particularly if they don't have children themselves) but YANBU to expect your DH to take over now, it's his turn Grin


ChopMonster · 02/05/2011 22:17

Nothing wrong with me asking, just wanted to check I wasn't being precious first! Although I don't see why DH didn't ask them, he isn't normally inconsiderate. I went and asked them. One said "isn't he asleep yet?" Can I have a medal for not twatting him upside the head? I must've had a look on my face, I heard DH shhing them. They've gone now and DS has gone to sleep.

I was tempted to plonk DS on DH and go to bed. Unfortunately, DH's boobies just don't cut it with DS!

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