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To remind you that the Apprentice starts up next week!!

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Salmotrutta · 02/05/2011 20:44

First episode Tuesday 10th May and the next on Wednesday 11th. Then every Wednesday after that - yippee. I need to get out more don't I! Grin

You can however meet thenew candidates this week!

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giraffesCantDanceWiOotBuckie · 02/05/2011 23:12


proudfoot · 03/05/2011 02:13

woohoo woop woop love the apprentice

expatinscotland · 03/05/2011 02:26

I don't know who's worst, Donald Trump or Alan Sugar. Actually, it's not hard to deduce: they are both misogynist, over-rated and over-blown twats.

Have never watched and never will.

Trump, you're a dicksmack over that whole ridiculous 'Is Obama American?' fracas among you're trying to get a CPO for your equally ridiculous golf course. Guess you still got your house here out of it, but you're half-Scottish, so you can't be decently got rid of, and tbh, that's pretty embarrassing. Equally embarrassing is your worthless git of a son whom we also can't be rid of because his mother is an EU national.

Hopefully you'll lose interest or go to the Hebrides where your mother came from and meet all those fire and brimstone Calvinist freaks who'll keep you in check. But that's probably why you went east anyhow.

Sugar, you'd be worse than Trump but you're shorter and uglier and not as rich. You'd give the hat Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding a run for its money in the ugly sweepstakes, and well, at least the hat doesn't have a personality. Why anyone gives you the time of day is beyond me, but don't expect it to last.

I pay my license for programming like this and it honestly makes me sick, because both of you are parasitic air-thieves.

expatinscotland · 03/05/2011 02:28

Sorry for grammar mistakes, predictive text.

GapsAGoodUn · 03/05/2011 02:31


I am in stupid fucking Australia and won't get to see it.

It's the end, I tell you.

The End.

(erm, unless anyone knows how to watch in on 'tinterweb thingy when you can't get iplayer?)

GapsAGoodUn · 03/05/2011 02:33

I never watched it for bloody Sugar but I love Nick and Margaret and I even liked Karren.

AmyStake · 03/05/2011 03:40

I'll be abroad too Gaps. Does BBC Iplayer work if you're in another country? Bet it doesn't. Bollocks.

QuietTiger · 03/05/2011 08:31

I love it, because most of the applicants are a disaster waiting to happen. My DH hates it, spends his time watching it and shouting at the TV. he's never missed an episode though! Grin

Am off to sky+ now. :)

emptyshell · 03/05/2011 08:36

Don't think iPlayer works abroad - I know a friend can't watch it.

Didn't realise there was a new series coming - surprised the BBC ain't trailering the snot outta it yet.

Loved Baggs last year - the "you're not a fish" line was comedy gold and he really took it all on the chin in the post-show interviews.

Bah can't set it on Sky+ till later on today.

GapsAGoodUn · 03/05/2011 09:59

I know. When I think of his 'extreme masculinity' I still snigger.

And to think I'm going to miss it

sausagesandmarmelade · 03/05/2011 10:01

Love it...

Will Sky Plus the series

olderandwider · 03/05/2011 10:39

My all time favourite quote :

Stuart Baggs: ?The thing is, I?m a big fish in a small pond?.

Claude Littner: ?You?re not a big fish.' Pause. ?You?re not even a fish?.

Love it and its cast of venal, malicious, backstabbing, lying, manipulative, cheating, hypocritical and delusional contestants.

scottishmummy · 03/05/2011 12:04

lol,thats good quote
observing the histrionics,tiffs,feuds is gripping apprentice is only tv prog i make definite time for

there must be web page of good apprentice quotes out there

Quenelle · 03/05/2011 12:23

Can't wait. I love all the talk of 'Bizznizz' Grin

I miss Margaret too. And the Camel Overcoat.

theredhen · 03/05/2011 12:30

Great, can't wait - it's the only reality TV I like.

emptyshell · 03/05/2011 12:33

The Margaret on the Lego Apprentice clips is brilliantly done (they're on youtube if you ain't seen them - last series sadly lacking in number).

Pantsman was another classic one as well.

tvmum1976 · 15/05/2011 07:02

I worked on the Apprentice for a while and have written a blog post about why I love Alan Sugar and hate Gok Wan. If anyone's interested then stop by:

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