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to wonder what to do about DDs party

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Finallyspring · 30/04/2011 12:21

It's DDs birthday party next weekend.

I called the mum of one her friends last week to ask if she would do a 'dance party' She is a dancer and has done this for another girl we know.

I left a voicemail last Monday. I think it was a pleasant message in which I said I completely understood that she might be busy/not interested but just to let me know. Of course she's a busy mum and I don't expect her to do it, but I do need to know one way or the other. No response. On Wednesday my DD said her DD told her at school that she was going to respond, but she hasn't.

As I am really busy this week I'll need to shop and plan for it this weekend. If it's not going to be a dance party I'll have to buy things to make it a craft party. So, I need to know. However, I don't want to hassle her. What shall I do ?

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worraliberty · 30/04/2011 12:26

Personally I'd forget about it and go ahead with the craft party.

If she replies after that, just tell her it's too late.


Finallyspring · 30/04/2011 12:27

I've realised this isn't really an AIBU

Ok, so am I AIBU in feeling offended by her lack of response and annoyed that I don't know what to plan for next weekend ?

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SuchProspects · 30/04/2011 12:33

YABU to be annoyed at her because she isn't making your life easier. Plan for the craft party and call to let her know (in the very nicest way) in case she's late getting back to you because she's been trying to rearrange her life to make it work (unlikely but then you never know).

And next time you want a favour don't try and get it by leaving a message with someone over a busy period and then blaming them for not getting back to you within your (unmentioned) time frame.


Finallyspring · 30/04/2011 12:34

I did tell her when the party was and it isn't a favour. I was going to pay her.

OP posts:

Notsohotanymore · 30/04/2011 12:41

Yanbu.Just phone her rather than txt or leave message and def do not try to arrange through the kids! Are you paying her? If so it is her loss.Hope your dd has a fab party!


heliumballoons · 30/04/2011 12:52

If she doesn't respond she doesn't get the cash. Simple. Its a pain for having to organise something else - but if she had said no then you would have had too.

I would ring once more though in case she got the wrong number/ you didn't leave a number for her to get back to you.


bubblecoral · 30/04/2011 12:59

yabu to try and sort the entertainment within two weeks of the party, especially over Easter and all the bh's. I'd get on with sorting out stuff for a craft party.


SuchProspects · 30/04/2011 13:12

You have left things a bit late, so the stress you're feeling isn't entirely her fault, but poor service from businesses is annoying. If dance parties are a service she offers commercially (rather than something she does on the side for friends and family) then you're only B a tiny bit U. But don't get hassled about it or start trying to chase her, just organize something else and say you've gone a different route if she does ever get back to you.

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