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To have totally over indulged in the Royal Wedding coverage today????

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unsurevalentine · 29/04/2011 20:41

Have watched it, the news, The One Show, and now the BBC programme, since 9am this morning!?!?!

Feel so sad and [cblush]

AIBU and alone?!

OP posts:

Paschaelina · 29/04/2011 20:44

I know what you mean. Its like late christmas day afternoon when you've eaten too much and feel a bit sick and then someone suggests a walk to wake you up but all you can think about is the jelly in the fridge calling out to you and you know theres no room left but you just can't help going back for one-last-taste.



petitepeach · 29/04/2011 20:48

Me too! Watched bbc and taped itv.......just come back from a wedding breakfast bbq where some guests were wearing their wedding dresses!! Have overdosed - but have thoroughly enjoyed it! Planning for the diamond jubilee next year now - think a group of us will go into london..... I love it! Grin


TheCrackFox · 29/04/2011 20:52

Me too.

I felt that I've paid (about 1p worth) for it so I will get my monies worth. Grin


unsurevalentine · 29/04/2011 20:54

I love it too.

I love that they are in love.

Wasn't her brother just wonderful

OP posts:

southeastastra · 29/04/2011 20:55

it was good though, a distraction from life for a day. and the goodyear blimp went over my house!


unsurevalentine · 29/04/2011 21:03

No one in my RL knows this but before he went away to sea my oh asked me to marry him after swearing he would never take another wife.

I therefore feel justified in obsessing and wanting to wear a dress like Pippa Middletons [cgrin]

OP posts:

SarahAggie · 29/04/2011 21:05

Are they going to show anything about the party tonight?
What is Kate wearing tonight?
I think they said another sarah Burton in white but when do we see it?


unsurevalentine · 29/04/2011 21:06

And wanting Harry to marry Pippa in two years [cgrin]

OP posts:

HalfPastWine · 29/04/2011 21:10

unsurevalentine that's really sweet, congratulations!

SarahAggie they've shown her second dress, it's another Sarah Burton design. A long white gown with diamante around the waist and a bolero.

As you can tell I'm still watching it on Sky News. TOTAL OVERDOSE but I LOVE IT !!! Feel a bit on a downer that it's over tbh.


unsurevalentine · 29/04/2011 21:17

Second dress amazing!!

Thank you xx I always thought I wanted to be with someone who was prepared to see me at my worst to deserve me at my best. Two months after we met he saw me through 6 months of serious illness.

That is love.

OP posts:

zukiecat · 29/04/2011 22:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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