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Sorry another food one.

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heliumballoons · 29/04/2011 19:30

This is a genuine one where I'm not sure.

Day out today with friend and her dc's.

We both took a packed lunch for ourselves and dc's. I took what my DS and I would eat but with a little on top in case of extra hunger or others wanting to try some.

So get out lunch and all eating sandwiches. Friend like me has a large bag of crisps all dc's like and says you can all have some, and dishes them out. I laugh and say 'oh well, we'll have to eat the large bag I bought' We both laugh and I open the prawn crackers. Her yougest (5.8) shoves (its hard to explain but its done with an air of attitude) her hand it and takes some crushing lots of them.

After sandwiches and crisps I give my DS his tub of raw veg, breadsticks and some soft cheese. (its his favourite). Her youngest says 'oh cumcumber' and grabs 4 of the 8 pieces in there and scoops out a load of cheese. Friend says 'please ask don't grab'. She then askes if she can have some and I say of course but check with DS before having more as its his lunch and he may want it.

Then I get out the grapes and cheese tub and offer it across the table to DS and she puts her hand in and grabs (so hands in it all) some cheese. Told by friend 'you need to ask please, and you haven't eaten the other things you've taken'.

DS takes what he wants and youngest asks for some. I say she can and I'll save her some but she has not eaten her sandwiches (from mum) or other stuff she took'. She'd eaten only 1/2 of 1 of the 4 bits of cumcumber and 1 of the 6 breadsticks.

So she bounces around, kicking DS chair and being annoying.

I'm chatting to my friend and then her DC says shes eaten 1 bit of cumcumber and 1 breadstick. I praise her and offer her some cheese with a nice explanation that she can have some of mine/DS but its not fair to take our lunch and then not it eat it but take more.

After she's eaten the cheese her sibling (7.4) pipes up 'X threw her cumcumber under the table' and as I glace down I catch my friend 'shushing' her.

BTW my friend bought lots of food of which her (youngest)DC ate only the crisps of and we had both bought a sweet item with enough for all the dc's.

WIBU or should I join the food police. Grin

OP posts:
mitochondria · 29/04/2011 23:02

She won't want one of her own. Not as much fun as stealing someone else's.

Just make a big one to share, then a smaller one for your son.

GreenEyesandHam · 29/04/2011 23:08

I think YANBU, but I honestly couldn't say for sure as I was really laughing whilst reading the OP, thinking

"This woman thinks it's called a cumcumber!!"

I now I keep trying to reread it (knowing you actually know it's a cucumber) but I still find it funny [embarrassed]

heliumballoons · 29/04/2011 23:14

green Your embarrassed. I didn't even realise I'd spelt it wrong the whole OP. Shock. I have no idea why, but in my defense I'm dyslexic so probably just one of those repetitive mistakes I make.

mito I think I will. I don't want to make an issue of it but at least I know DS will get a fair share of his lunch.

OP posts:
blackeyedsusan · 29/04/2011 23:58

i didn't notice either until someone pointed it out... Blush

it is either say "no,that is ds's lunch" or make extra.. but you may resent that as well. (i would)

BoysAreLikeDogs · 30/04/2011 00:05

lololol at cumcumber


jamama · 30/04/2011 00:16

wasting food bothers me deeply. But that is down to how I was raised, and when friends and their kids treat food differently to how I do, I really really have to reign in my impulse to yell at them to only take what they're actually going to eat. Regardless of whether I've prepared it - drives me nuts in restaurants as well (and I used to live in the States where it is perfectly acceptable to order a meal which would feed three and then leave/doggybag most of it, so you'd think I'd have relaxed a little...). I think attitudes to food get ingrained very early in life and it is really difficult to overcome your natural feelings on the subject, which is at the heart of this.
So imho yanbu, except for offering cheesy sex toys to all and sundry ;)

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