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to think that banning the Chaser from covering the Royal Wedding is an affront to free speech

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BadaBingBang · 27/04/2011 23:47

see here:
Hopefully this might motivate Australians to finally give the royals the chop.

OP posts:

EdithWeston · 27/04/2011 23:53

Non-story about normal conditions:

"A BBC spokesman said in a statement last night: ''It has always been made clear by the BBC that use of its basic live news feed and BBC One programming for comedy, satirical or similar entertainment purposes would not be permitted contractually.''

"Sources say the Prince of Wales's press secretary, Patrick Harrison, had stressed broadcast suppliers be reminded of the ''conditions'' that accompanied their licence to broadcast. Mr Harrison told the Herald last night that the new contract did not impose ''any new conditions on anyone'' and denied the palace had singled out the ABC".


sabi333 · 28/04/2011 00:13


I often enjoying watching the Chaser, it would have been amusing to see what they would have come up with.

I am already all for a republic anyway :)


BadaBingBang · 28/04/2011 02:32

I'm sure they'll find a way to satirise the wedding at a later date. In fact, this just gives them more material. I don't think I'll be watching now, as it seems fairly irrelevent to me, I don't know them, and don't identify with them. Support for a republic is apparently at an all time low at the moment, 41%. Surely it can't be because Australians want a foreign monarch as their head of state.

OP posts:

differentnameforthis · 28/04/2011 02:47

Well, they aren't funny, nor would have just been a waste of airtime!

About time they got called on their antics! They are just overgrown teenagers who refuse to grow up!


nothingnatural · 28/04/2011 03:40

I quite like The Chaser.

But also am excited to watch the wedding without it being a total piss take from smuggo tv presenters. Anyway aren't other tv channels here using Fitzy, 7pm Project, etc not exactly BBC deference is it?

I think Australia should be a Republic, particularly after watching some of that horrendous "Will & Kate, A Love Story" last night. Nearly clawed my eyeballs out it was so appalling.


sunnydelight · 28/04/2011 04:13

I don't actually find them particularly funny as they sail too close to the bone for my taste, but you have to admire their audacity for some of the stunts they have got away with. I like their grovelling letter to the Queen Grin

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