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to have Easter egg rage

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EndangeredSpecies · 27/04/2011 13:05

I just weighed the chocolate the kids got for Easter. 600g of milk plus 240 g of plain plus mini eggs and assorted LIndt bunnies. Have already made brownies and now have no more room in my tiny freezer.

Considering these are kids whose daily protein intake amounts to half a fishfinger and vegetable intake is virtually nil, AIBU to let them just eat it all?

OP posts:

RtHonLadyEuphemiaOfCaledonia · 27/04/2011 13:07

Surely they'll keep for a few weeks? Ration the chocolate out?

How old are the kids? I've been putting a small amount in DD's lunchbox every day instead of a biscuit. Smile


TrinityRhino · 27/04/2011 13:11

they'll keep for ages but if you're like me and get sick of themm constantly asking for more of their egg then you'll just chuck them at them and shout...put the rubbish in the bin Grin


Doyouthinktheysaurus · 27/04/2011 13:11

Of course you let them eat it, not all in one go thoughGrin

Chocolate lasts for ages, just let them have a bit instead of a pudding or something.

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