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to consider sterilisation after my soon to be born 3rd child??

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Jenmummy · 26/04/2011 20:00

Hubby thinks it's barbaric - however he admits to knowing sod-all about the process (apparently can get it done whilst having section) He refuses point-blank to ahve a vasectomy and i dont think he's ever bought a packet of condoms in the entire time we have been together. without wishing to publicly flog him - i know it's just as much my responsibility too...(Most other hubbies i know SEEM to be happy enough to get snip)
Have been advised that hormones are too high/unpredictable at mo - by friends - yet i have never ever wanted more than 3 kids... How on earth do you decide what's best and would i be being unreasonable if i had it but hubby still wasn't sure if he wanted more kids?? I'm 35 if it makes any difference.....

OP posts:

issey6cats · 26/04/2011 20:06

YANBU i was sterilised after my third child and havent regretted one single day since (27 years)no contraception worries, knowing that your family is complete is brilliant


issey6cats · 26/04/2011 20:08

being as you are having a ceaserian you wont notice any extra problems i had a vaginal birth and was in pain for a few days all they do is either cut and burn/tie your tubes or put clips over them so eggs cant get through


OmniaParatus · 26/04/2011 20:11

DH had the snip when I was 6 months pg with DS2, however he was our 3rd child and we had originally planned to only have 2!

If your hubby is not sure then you should possibly wait to have it done- you could set a deadline such as 6 months after the birth.

BUT having said that if you are 100% sure you should talk to him about it further- if you wait, he will have to take time off work to look after the DC's and let you recover, as well as taking time off. If you are the one getting sterilised you have the final say- if DH had not wanted to go ahead, I wouldn't have made him, and if I'd had doubts I would have had to talk them through with him before his op, but if he had wanted to go ahead before I had resolved them I would have had to live with that.

It sounds more as if your hubby doesn't want to think about contraception that that he wants another child- well done you for being the responsible one and I think if your husband has never taken any responsibility for contraception you are making the right decision.

Good luck with DC3, I found the whole process easier knowing that this was the last time I'd be going through it!

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