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To wish I had run this man over as well as bumping his car

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Deaddei · 25/04/2011 16:28

oh god what a morning.
Parking in the supermarket I went into a parked car.
Broke his front headlight- more damage to mine as I went into a concrete post as well.
He was a well dressed man in his 60s and was just returning to his car.
I got out, straight away said it was my fault ( which it was)..... And he gave me such verbal abuse.
Called me a fucking bitch, look what I'd done to his car.....came right up close to me.
He then got his phone out and called the police......I said I was going into the supermarket to get the manager and also to get away from his abuse. A woman nearby said to him he had no right speaking like that- it was an accident and he could see I was shaken.
He hadn't realised anyone was there and turned on the charm.....but said to me he hadn't realised he was dealing with someone with learning difficulties.
As I walked away he accused me of leaving the scene of a crime, and that he'd make sure the police threw the book at me. He was a bit deflated when the police called him back to tell him they would not be coming as no one was hurt.
Manager of supermarket was brilliant...this guy spoke to me through her, and was so condescending.
I was in floods of tears doing my shopping and came home, was sick a few times.
Dh was very supportive when he got home- he phoned up the guy and told him how abusive he was, he'd really upset me and at the end of the day, a headlight had been broken.
I still feel sick-he was a respectable looking guy, well dressed, but god was he intimidating.

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BeerTricksPotter · 25/04/2011 19:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadamDeathstare · 25/04/2011 19:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatieMiddleton · 25/04/2011 19:05

I think a good talking to from the police the night before his holiday is exactly what the bastard needs. He sounds vile.

SummerRain · 25/04/2011 19:11

He sounds miserable. What a horrible thing to happen. Hope you're feeling a bit less shaken now. I'd be tempted to ring the police and lodge a complaint but can understand why you'd probably prefer to just leave it.

The one and only time i've tipped into someone it was completely my fault (pregnant and only recently learnt to drive... reversed straight into a double parked van with a child in it Shock) and the driver was an absolute angel.... totally calmed me down, was really kind to me and told me not to worry about the damage as in his words 'Both cars are equally dented so we're even... mine will come out easier' He was more worried about me being ok than anything else once he saw the bump.

albertcamus · 25/04/2011 19:57

YANBU at all. A few years ago, laid-back & happy having just returned from a sunny holiday in India, I was thumped up the back of my Tigra by a woman in a BMW monster truck, while I was giving way at a major roundabout serving the A1 in both directions. I got out, was pleasant & polite, commented that I wasn't having a great day having just got a parking ticket, and was prepared to be perfectly reasonable about it all. I then pulled (dangerously) onto the side of the busy roundabout to exchange addresses. She was extremely stuck-up and lectured me that: 'You don't know how awful it is for me, my dog (cue black Labrador leaping around in back of her truck) has to be put down, and I'm really upset.' Realising that she was clearly local, I offered to follow her to her home, or a road near it, to safely exchange details, considering that we were all about to be squashed by oncoming lorries. Eyeing my hippyish look, despite my posh RP accent, she summed her best 'Froglicker's Wife' attitude and informed me that she had no obligation to give me any information ! I politely pointed out to her that she would be committing a criminal offence if she failed to give me her details, with which she spat at me: 'I'm Mrs (XXX) from (XXX) House (XXX village), I'm in the phone book', got into her car and roared off, nearly causing another accident.

I was pretty shocked, but decided there and then to take her damn insurance for whiplash as it was the third time I'd been driven into from behind in 4 years, and was already suffering from tinnitus complicated by balance problems and labyrinthitis from the first, worst one.

I drove to the local police station, where it was made clear to me that they were NOT INTERESTED as, despite my injury, I was still living and breathing (she was prob. married to the Chief Constable knowing our area !), and then proceeded to the hospital where I had a neck X-ray. While being treated with infinite kindness at the hospital, I burst into genuine and inconsolable tears, of hurt, anger and rage at the way she'd treated me, when I was perfectly reasonable in the first place.

I looked her up in the phone directory, my husband obtained her insurance details from her snotty ba**ard old man, and a year later I was in receipt of £2500 :o

But do you know what? I was really in a forgiving mood that day, and if she'd played it differently I would have probably let it go ... when you've just got back from India you are pretty clear that there are much worse things in the world than a poxy car ... and why do people have to be so damn precious about them.

I'm ultra-confident and deal with stroppy teens in my job as a senior teacher, do major presentations all over the world and am full of self-confidence. But she managed to make me feel like a worthless idiot even though she was in the wrong !

So bless you, have a glass of wine and put it down to experience if you can.

:) Wine

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