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to sit in the garden with a large glass of chilled white wine

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lemonbeaver · 25/04/2011 14:41

while DH has taken the kids on a long bike ride........nah course not, just thought i'd mention it Wine [buwink]

OP posts:

BornAgainDomesticGoddess · 25/04/2011 14:44

Yes YABVU for telling us that, actually. I am currently in Dubai where there are no off licences. I would love to have a large glass of chilled white wine in the garden. Alas, I can only dream.



lemonbeaver · 25/04/2011 15:00

ahhh, sorry but tell you what i will have another shortly just for you if thats ok? Wink

OP posts:

fivegomadindorset · 25/04/2011 15:01

Gin here.


pozzled · 25/04/2011 15:01

Yes, YABU as I am now insanely jealous.


BornAgainDomesticGoddess · 25/04/2011 15:01

Oh, f* O**!!! Grin

Sorry lemonbeaver, I'm only joking, enjoy your wine Smile !


worraliberty · 25/04/2011 15:03

I'm weird like that. I love a drink at night, especially a chilled white wine in summer but I just never drink alcohol in the day.

Perhaps it's because I find it so more-ish Blush


lemonbeaver · 25/04/2011 15:03

And there i was trying to just for that i'm going to have some nibbles and homemade salsa as well Smile!!

OP posts:

worraliberty · 25/04/2011 15:06

I should warn you I may trace your IP address and come and hunt you down for the salsa and nibbles Shock


lemonbeaver · 25/04/2011 15:08

Just pm me and i will give you my address, i have plenty to go round....must say salsa is rather good but i will not be using the term nom nom at any point today Grin

OP posts:

worraliberty · 25/04/2011 15:12

Oh dear god I'm so pleased to hear that Grin

And if you could also refrain from saying 'they're simply to die for' that would also be good {twitching}


QuintEggSentialPaints · 25/04/2011 15:14

yab totally u.

It should be ME.

oh, hang on, we have 7 degrees and rain. And no chance to sit in the garden for another few months.


dubaipieeye · 25/04/2011 15:16

Bornagain, there are off licenses round the back of nearly every supermarket in Dubai. You just need an alcohol license to buy it - do you know anyone who has one? If I were there I would offer you a glass of white in my garden!


lemonbeaver · 25/04/2011 15:18

Must go DH has just returned and is sharing wine.....but has said all are welcome....Wink

OP posts:

BornAgainDomesticGoddess · 25/04/2011 15:26

dubaipieeye, unfortunately I don't have an Alcohol Licence Sad. Anyway, I didn't think there were any off licences here? Why does everyone go to Barracuda?


dubaipieeye · 25/04/2011 15:30

Barracuda is tax free - much, much cheaper. There are loads of off licenses - MMI and A&E are the main brands - usually tucked away round the back of Spinneys. You can go along and ask for a license application and usually they will serve you that day as you are applying...whereabouts are you? I'll try to think of your closest shop...


BornAgainDomesticGoddess · 25/04/2011 15:37

You can go along and ask for a license application and usually they will serve you that day as you are applying.

No way!!! I'm in The Springs.


dubaipieeye · 25/04/2011 15:48

I say usually - no promises! We lived on the Ranches before and the A&E there would serve us on "their" license before we had ours and when ours expired...

here is a list of A&E stores and

here is a list of MMI stores.

Happy drinking!!


BornAgainDomesticGoddess · 25/04/2011 16:07

Thanks dubaipieeye - much appreciated Grin

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