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AIBU To hate hormones.

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dingdongmrs · 25/04/2011 11:23

I hate them, i am so bloody pissed off today 3rd day into my af and i could easily breathe fire! Hubby says he can feel it coming off me, im that wound up and i dont have any reason to be other than bloody hormones so i hate them! I dont want them anymore, i want them gone. They suck.

Sorry i needed to rant. Its not fair that women have to out up with this as well as labour and pregnancy and breast feeding or sore breasts whether you breast feed or not and then this, i mean come on. Men dont have to go through it all, its not fair!

I need wine, a book and some peace and quiet and to top it off my dog has just eaten my spatulas so i now have to buy new ones!

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loola2shus · 25/04/2011 11:38

I know its crap, I have started taking B6 and I feel like I am more ermm stable ? have you tried that?

Its the out of control feeling I hate most, I feel like I can't do anything to stop myself sobbing/screaming/ranting/raging (delete as appropriate!)

There are some months that I am like that for a week before af even arrives, I also turn into the cookie monster and can't stop eating!


dingdongmrs · 25/04/2011 11:45

Ah no i have never tried B6, i may get some and give it a go thank you.

I also hate the out of control feeling, its horrible isnt it. I know that even though im angry now i will be crying later! Its a pain in the arse!

I too eat an awful lot but i am craving wine now and ice cream lol

OP posts:

hairylights · 25/04/2011 12:09

I seriously recommend high dose of evening primrose oil. It has really worked for me.

I usually get extreme ovulation rage (and zits) and terrible PMT (during period actually) - and this month - none of the above (hurray smiley).


Gemsy83 · 25/04/2011 12:12

Sorry but LOL @ 'the dog has just eaten my spatulas'


netbook · 25/04/2011 12:18

I normally have two weeks of rage, the only thing that has completely helped me is antidepressants. Take them from day 14 and they have changed my life, seriously.


nulliusxinxverbax · 25/04/2011 13:12

Hormones are a nightmare and men, seriously, they are nowhere near grateful enough that they dont have to deal with this shit.

Im verging on psychotic some months, I also get ovulation pain, I put half a stone on with PMT every month then drop it again when I come on, so I have to have different sizes of some clothes.

Ive got a medical condition now and they are telling me to have the merina coil. Ive never got on with hormones and im genuinely terrified of what it will do to me and my mental health. Bieng constantly flooded with the pmt hormone may just push me over the edge!!!


netbook · 25/04/2011 19:18

Nullius you sound very similar to me but without the pain. I am sensitive to hormonal contraception but had a I had a Mirena for about 2 years after ds was born, the dr assured me that the amount of hormones it gave off were only 'local' and wouldn't affect me. I had around 3-5 days a month before the pmt started kicking in! This only reason I kept it so long is that it got rid of my periods which I also hate.

DP really suffered and we were on the verge of splitting up on a number of occasions. I had some fairly serious suicidal thoughts and I was very depressed. DP noticed the difference within days of it being removed


hairylights · 25/04/2011 19:24

You sound similar to me nullius I decided against the coil a few years ago and am now ttc and really notice the ov pain, rage and the pmt.

Eve primrose oil has really made a big difference. I was bordering on nuts ... Had to work at home two days per month for fear of really bad conduct at work.


hairylights · 25/04/2011 19:33

Mr hairy said today that he'll know when I'm pregnant because I will stipulate with the road rage and the ear bashing. He's right.


nulliusxinxverbax · 25/04/2011 19:39

Thanks for the advice may try evening primrose.

Yes netbook Ive heard many a bad thing about the merina, and as it happens the only positives ive heard are what you said, the lightning of periods.

As my issue is not really heavy periods, Im even more unsure as to wether to have it!! And a little miffed that my gynae has already wrote to my GP telling him all about how ive agreed and am happy to have it fitted, when infact, I didnt!!!

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