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AIBU highlights?

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cherrypez · 24/04/2011 21:00

Im quite new to MN and only discovered AIBU recently...what an eye-opener! I was wondering, those of you who have been around for a while, what are the most outrageous things that you have seen on here? Ive seen posts where people go "oh remember when so and so posted this and it all kicked off" basically, what have I missed?!

OP posts:

MalkieFraser · 24/04/2011 21:11

Isn't there a 'classics' section somewhere? Dunno where though... just a thought


Jellykat · 24/04/2011 21:26

Classics ---> Click on 'Topics' (under 'discussions of the day')
Go to Mumsnet stuff, click on 'more' and Classics are in the list that pops up..

Hope that makes sense, Enjoy! Grin

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