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to be thinking of taking a lodger without telling my landlord?

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MilaV · 24/04/2011 20:53

I know it sounds awful, but they're this huge agency and it was a nightmare to get the flat in the first place. Lots of checks and references needed... I don't know what they'll do if I tell them that XP and I have separated and he's moving out, and that I need to rent a room (otherwise I won't be able to pay the rent). Anyone has been in the same situation, or got a bit of advice? I'd like to be clear and up front, but I fear they will refuse and even ask to end our tenancy agreement. :(

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MilaV · 26/04/2011 09:39

So I can't claim WTC and HB at the same time, right? What do you think would be best?

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EricNorthmansMistress · 26/04/2011 10:24

No that's not correct. Ok I'm not a benefits advisor but I do a fair bit of work supporting people around benefits. So...

If you are working 16 hours or more and have children, and earn under £15k a year, you can claim WTC.

If you pay a registered childcare provider you can claim CTC childcare element which will pay up to 70% of the costs.

If you have children and earn under £42k you can claim CTC.

If your earnings are low and you live in a privately rented property you can claim Local Housing Allowance to help with rent. They will assess your income and decide whether you are entitled to help or not. If so they will pay it directly to you to administer. You will need to provide proof of income, savings, and childcare. They disregard CB, pension payments and CTC childcare element when counting income. They can find out directly from TCs how much you receive. If your income is very very low you may get some council tax benefit, which they will assess at the same time as LHA.

If you are the only adult in the property you can claim the single person's council tax discount, which takes 25% off the total bill.

HTH :)

MilaV · 26/04/2011 10:30

Thanks for that! x Do you mind if I send you a pm?

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EricNorthmansMistress · 26/04/2011 10:50

Go for it!

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