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to cancel the easter bunny's visit tomorrow

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EndangeredSpecies · 23/04/2011 21:10

Long day thought I'd round it off with a bedtime story, a book the DCs have been looking forward to. Start reading and they're both turning round staring at a wall poster fidgeting etc. I ask them to stop and do they want to carry on reading. Yes yes please carry on they chirp. Two minutes later they carry on doing exactly what I'd asked them to stop doing.

A very small misdemeanour compared to what they're capable of, but after having fielded tantrums for most of the week, now I just cannot be arsed to hide the easter eggs for the treasure hunt around the house. AIBU?

OP posts:

HerRoyalHighnessPrincessCervix · 23/04/2011 21:12

yabu. do they have to sit still while you are reading? why? you don't have to be still to listen.


HerRoyalHighnessPrincessCervix · 23/04/2011 21:13

hoewever. atasure hunt? can't be arsed wit that. leve the m on the kitchen table.


ItDoesntBodenWell · 23/04/2011 21:17

Seriously?! "Pick your battles" I believe is the phrase!

Who cares if they sit still? If they miss a bit of the story due to fidgeting that's their lookout.



hairylights · 23/04/2011 21:17

Yabu. Sounds like you are being ott.


SecretNutellaFix · 23/04/2011 21:19

I'd just stop reading and tell them that because they don't seem to want a bedtime story, they can do without one.

Tomorrow is another day and an Easter egg hunt sounds fun. I bet they are a bit excited?


albania · 23/04/2011 21:20

YABU, but as it's been a long day why don't you have your DH hide the easter eggs and have an early night?


MarshaBrady · 23/04/2011 21:21

It won't take long. Don't cancel it.


EndangeredSpecies · 23/04/2011 21:24

Yes I probably am being ott. They don't know anything about the egg hunt.

DH is utterly clueless and would probably hide them all in the same place, or leave them on top of the tv, or eat them.

Have mellowed slightly now. Perhaps I'll start hiding some and eat the rest when I get bored.

OP posts:

peeriebear · 23/04/2011 21:24

If you cancel it they will have no idea why; YABU. My DDs have been a right pita this week and my patience has flown out the window, but they will still get their egg hunt.


ItDoesntBodenWell · 23/04/2011 21:28

They'll love it [busmile]


OrangeBernard · 23/04/2011 21:35

Yabu. Have a glass of wine and chill out a bit


jojowest · 23/04/2011 21:37

you sound very controlling

DH is utterly clueless - how patronising and disrespectful


sleepingsowell · 23/04/2011 21:46

agree you are being totally over the top there.
If you want them to sit still for a story and they don't, the natural consequence is that you stop reading - not cancelling easter!!

Sounds like things have maybe got on top of you leading to a major loss of perspective! Get yourself a break in some way if you can so that you can regain your equilibrium Smile

and hope you all have a good day tomorrow [busmile]


HollyBollyBooBoo · 23/04/2011 22:00

Jeez, you are scary! The punishment doesn't really fit the crime does it - they didn't sit still for 5 minutes therefore the Easter Bunny isn't calling at your house?!! Start saving for their therapy sessions in years to come!


TiggyD · 23/04/2011 22:12

What's the easter version of "Bah! Humbug!"?

You didn't get them in the right mood for a story. I'm cancelling christmas for you.


igetmorelovefromthecat · 23/04/2011 22:18

Woah. YABVU. Poor kids.


EndangeredSpecies · 23/04/2011 22:19

All mini eggs successfully hidden and I only ate four.

DH was asked to help hide them but feigned deafness and then fucked off to bed, not so much utterly clueless, then, but certainly something "-less".

OP posts:

sleepingsowell · 23/04/2011 22:36

you sound very angry with your husband and children.
Why are you? What's not how you want it to be?

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