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To complain to Tesco about this advert?

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Pacific · 23/04/2011 13:20

I have ranted about this topic before, see when I went to Tesco this morning and saw a big advert for a ginger flavoured drink with the slogan 'Ginger, always the best man - never the bridegroom', I saw red.

Anyway, I started ranting as soon as I saw it and gathered quite a crowd all agreeing with me while I was trying to persuade teenage DD to take a photo of the offending advert (can't work my own camera phone [bublush] ). At this point, red-haired DD rolled her eyes and said 'Mum, you are sooooo embarrassing' and cleared off to look at the toiletries. [bugrin]

Now I know it is supposed to be funny, and I know it is a reference to Prince Harry but AIBU?

PS the tesco manager just looked at me as if I was a nutter and more or less said 'calm down dear' [bugrin]

OP posts:
GypsyMoth · 23/04/2011 13:21


BeakerTheMuppetMuppet · 23/04/2011 13:25


and good for you, will you put your complaint in writing too?

FabbyChic · 23/04/2011 13:26

What a cool advert!

activate · 23/04/2011 13:27

looks at OP as thought she is a nutter and says "calm down dear"

you'll bust a gasket

take your dd's approach and get over it

Pacific · 23/04/2011 13:33

Score so far


Any more?

OP posts:
VajazzHands · 23/04/2011 13:34
TidyDancer · 23/04/2011 13:37

Well YABU to make such a huge public deal out of it, but YANBU to be pissed off. So you can have half a point for each side!

Pacific · 23/04/2011 13:37

Thank you for the link VaJazz.

OP posts:
Birdsgottafly · 23/04/2011 13:38

I suppose that it could come under the umberella of 'hate crime'. It isn't covered in a clear manner under the law.

Granny23 · 23/04/2011 13:38

YABVVU in going to Tesco at all.
YANBU in protesting about more gingerism.

Vallhala · 23/04/2011 13:41

Ginger DD says that YANBU.

AFAIAC if it offends ginger DD then I think YANBU too.

Pacific · 23/04/2011 13:43

I only went to Tesco to spend my vouchers! I usually go to Lidl (is that worse, granny?)

OP posts:
Katisha · 23/04/2011 13:45

Didn't Tesco have that row about the gingerist Christmas card a couple of years ago.
They obviously still have the same 14yr old in charge of marketing.

BinEnd · 23/04/2011 13:45

YANBU about the advert

When there are no more cases of bullying due to colour of hair - then I might find it amusing.

moonstorm · 23/04/2011 13:49

YANBU Gingerism drives me mad (I don't like the work ginger either, as I associate it with negativity, I prefer 'red')

MoonGirl1981 · 23/04/2011 13:50

YABU and a bit basket-caseish.

Get over it, ginger jokes will happen.

I'm blonde, I hear at least one blonde joke each day. I don't go beserk. They're jokes. Giggle and mosey on.

Pacific · 23/04/2011 13:50


Iabu -2 and 1/2
Ianbu -6 and 1/2
abstain -1

I am winning so far [bugrin]

OP posts:
Katisha · 23/04/2011 13:53

Moongirl I take it you don't have a son who is bullied and made fun of for having ginger hair then?

Vallhala · 23/04/2011 13:53

"YABU and a bit basket-caseish. Get over it, ginger jokes will happen. I'm blonde, I hear at least one blonde joke each day. I don't go beserk."

You miss the point moonGirl. Blondes aren't usually subjected to the same level of abuse and bullying as redheads. (And I'm blonde too).

Pacific · 23/04/2011 13:53

OOps! too slow with my scores
Moongirl, I would never make a blonde joke. DS has suffered too much ginger prejudice for any appearance based joke to be funny.

OP posts:
IslaValargeone · 23/04/2011 13:53

I'm with moongirl on this one [bugrin]

BinEnd · 23/04/2011 13:53

MoonGirl1981 Have you ever been bullied because you are blonde?

gorionine · 23/04/2011 13:56

Katisha, I was about to ask the same. I am, pretty sure it was Tesco too but cannot remember how it ended.


worraliberty · 23/04/2011 13:56

PMSL that you 'saw red' Grin

Birdsgottafly · 23/04/2011 13:57

MoonGirl- 'jokes' can re-inforce stereotypes and mindsets. They can be used to bully as well. A person telling a 'joke' is one thing but a large organisation 'feeding' into that 'humour' is another. What they are saying is that a ginger haired person is not good enough for someone to want to marry.

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