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to think this article by Amanda Platell is pretty darn outrageous!

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Northernlurker · 23/04/2011 09:39

Now I like Kate Middleton very much but I think Kate herself would be the first to admit that marrying a very rich, pleasant and much loved man next week - even if front of a global audience of billions - is hardly a hardship. Why then does Amanda Platell think it a good idea to draw parallels here between Kate's situation and the courage and sacrifice of Lisa Head who died this week whilst on active service.

I mean truly wtf is Platell on to even think that's a good idea. Weddingballs of the highest order!

Or AIBU and it's a jolly good, well thought out piece?

OP posts:

Alibabaandthe80nappies · 23/04/2011 09:45

Bloody hell that is awful, Lisa Head's family must be so angry.

I'm sure that Kate is pretty nervous about next week, and in lots of ways it does take courage to sign yourself up to a life under public scrutiny, but there are going to be lots of compensations.

Stupid, stupid journalism, but then Amanda Platell is useless as a general rule.


penguin73 · 23/04/2011 09:47

YANBU, how disrespectful of all involved.


ChristinedePizan · 23/04/2011 09:48

Amanda Platell is an idiot


Northernlurker · 23/04/2011 09:49

I know she is an idiot but even so the crassness of this piece stunned me.

OP posts:

NormanTebbit · 23/04/2011 09:49


Numberfour · 23/04/2011 09:52

What a fucking load of bullshit!!! That poor woman's family!!

Amanda Platell is a bloody moron and a callous one at that.


NormanTebbit · 23/04/2011 09:53

What links these women is that they are Women. One who was tragically killed doing a tough job, one who is about to walk up the aisle and into a pampered existence where she will never have to work again.

Let's talk about sacrifice, shall we.


SpringchickenGoldBrass · 23/04/2011 09:55

Amanda Platell is one of these twats who has to be constantly bleating on about how women;s real work is obeying and servicing men marriage&breeding. That would have been the starting point for this nonsense - Women, Listen! Marriageis real, important, dangerous exciting work, too!


nethunsreject · 23/04/2011 09:56

Fucking hell.

I expect shit from AP, but that is awful.


ThisIsExtremelyVeryNotGood · 23/04/2011 09:58

Fucking hell! Shock


ValiumBandwitch · 23/04/2011 10:01

wow. that's a really weird tangent.

But I read it as Kate (also 29 wooooo there's the link) could read about earning respect despite the fact that she will have a title. BUT i reckon hrh to be knows that. And I may not be a princess myself, but like Amanda Platell I've never risked my life for my country. More of a desk-jocky like Amanda Platell. The vast majority of us have never and will never risk our lives for our country blah blah blah I hate typing for my country!!!


BigBadMummy · 23/04/2011 10:05

Cannot stand this woman. She is vile.

She lived in the flat above a friend of mine. Friend was rarely there but decided to hold her engagement party there (so hardly having parties every week).

At 11pm AP decided she had heard enough so set off the fire alarms. Automatically linked to fire station. Didnt come down and say anything, just hit the bell in the communal doorway.

They arrived, party broken up.

I wouldn't mind but it was hardly raucous. She was just being spiteful.

Doesn't surprise me that she has written something this shitty.


CountHotCrossBapula · 23/04/2011 10:05

Hideous, twatty article. Almost in the league of Liz Jones's monstrosity about the Jo Yeates murder for sheer stupidity and insensitivity. Could the link be any more tenuous? It puts me in mind of an A-level student twisting an exam question round so they can write about something they actually revised for.


dreamingofromance · 23/04/2011 10:06

Poor Kate, who has planned all her life to be where she is now? Wow, into the frey with her, what crap!
How insulting to a young woman who has died serving her country


ValiumBandwitch · 23/04/2011 10:11

i don't think anybody would come out of it well, being compared to lisa. but we aren't obliged to jeopardise our lives for our country you know AP Confused.

We're not failing anybody by living a 'safe' life. I hate that AP is implying that it's weak or something to live a safe life. I mean, princess, journalist, sahm, all nice and safe. But that's not a disgusting character flaw, to choose a safe life as opposed to life in the army.


ValiumBandwitch · 23/04/2011 10:13

did you see lj the other day saying that actually it's fine if your husband sleeps with a prostitute. Shock


Violethill · 23/04/2011 10:24

Totally shit journalism. Who ARE the idiots who actually buy this rubbish?


L8rAllig8r · 23/04/2011 10:37

YABU to have read anything written by the washed up old trout.


Kallista · 23/04/2011 10:38

BigBadMummy - omg wasting approx 400 quid (taxpayers money) for a deliberate false alarm?? What a cow.
As for Kate - while i don't envy her exactly - how can AP compare a princess to a soldier who died while saving civillians and other soldiers?
Lisa is an amazing role model for her courage - as are her male colleagues.
I appreciate that bomb disposal is a high risk job that Lisa choose to do, but thank god people do it! If she had to die young at least she died doing the job she loved. Her poor family and friends though..yes Lisa survived long enough for them to say goodbye, but it must be devastating for her parents to have outlived their daughter.


Vicky2011 · 23/04/2011 11:36

Have just read the Mail for the first time in about 20 years (long story but rest assured, I didn't buy it). It is a truly vile hateful rag. It doesn't even have the humour of the red tops which at least don't take themselves too seriously and hence they don't seem so malicious.


constantlywrong · 23/04/2011 12:14

To trot out a phrase I stole from saw here recently, what the actual fuck?


gordyslovesheep · 23/04/2011 12:23

oh what SpringchickenGoldBrass said - and others - femail Daily Fail jurnos are vile - every one of them - especially Liz Jones who I wish to punch very hard


SpringchickenGoldBrass · 24/04/2011 22:29

Lots of men are not in the army, either. That doesn't mean they are less brave or decent than men who are either soldiers or indeed princes (didn't Prince William do a spell as a squaddie at some point?). What is maddening about this type of bullshit piece is that it always seems to be about putting women in boxes, telling them who or what to be from a very narrow range of choices. Men are never told this sort of guff.


HalfPastWine · 24/04/2011 23:29

The last paragraph of it takes the Biscuit.


antsypants · 25/04/2011 01:52

AP is a gibbering moron, she espouses everything I hate about ignorant and over-indulged women.

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