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to think you should not drink alcochol in children's playground

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upsydaisysexstylist · 23/04/2011 08:09

I suspect not, but would like some feedback on what to do as I did not feel comfortable confronting the men who were drinking round the sandpit. Where we live there is a riverside gardens with big playground and there is also a pub about 500/600 yards away, which is where they got their beer ( assuming from trademarked glasses). I was thinking of contacting the pub about putting up a sign about not wandering off the premises. Sigh am I very old fashioned or just a snob disliking the hords of daytrippers descending on our town

OP posts:

belgo · 23/04/2011 08:13

It depends if they were causing a nuisance eg. smashed glasses in the sand pit, loutish behaviour.

If they were just quietly drinking, then I wouldn't have a problem with this.


winnybella · 23/04/2011 08:17

What belgo says. Nothing wrong with beer itself, imo.


CoffeeMum · 23/04/2011 08:20

I agree - there was a lone man drinking cider from a big plastic bottle at 10am, within the fenced playground area at our local park. I was uneasy about this - why was he choosing to actually sit in the playground when there are plenty of other benches? However, if there had been a group of mums and dads having a beer/wine each, as part of a picnic, on a sunny day, i wouldn't be bothered at all.

One of those situations where context is all, IMHO.


belgo · 23/04/2011 08:30

He was probably there because it is a pleasant place to sit. I recently saw a sign at a park banning adults who were not accompanying children, and I found that sad. I think parks should be for everyone but obviously not for people who are getting drunk.

Coffeemum one glass of wine on a hot sunny day would render me totally incapable of caring of my three children at the park[bugrin]


Bloodymary · 23/04/2011 08:46

Not really worried about the beer, but glass near a childrens sandpit is not right.

Dragon just wanted to use it!!!


Salmotrutta · 23/04/2011 09:30

I thought by-laws prevented people from drinking alcohol in public places that aren't licensed premises?

I wouldn't particularly like it - why do they need to be hanging out drinking alcohol in a playpark?

We used to get local "yoofs" hanging about drinking alcohol in the garden area of the University I used to work at and the police would move them on.


EricNorthmansMistress · 23/04/2011 12:25

I have had picnics in parks many a time that included wine/beers. As long as they were connected to DC in the park and not being rowdy/drunken/dangerous then it's fine.


mollymole · 23/04/2011 12:55

i don't like it either, alcohol has its place but not IMO in a childrens play area


NearlySpring · 23/04/2011 12:56

If we go to the park on a hot sunny day we often set up camp there for the whole day. Usually within the actual playpark itself near sandpit or paddling pool. We (adults) often take beers and sit and relax there whilst the kids play.

Obviously we don't get drunk or smash bottles.

YABU if they weren't causing any problems - perhaps their kids were playing in the park.

Belgo - I find that sign sad too. I love going for a walk in the park on my way home from work etc. Although I have to say I don't go into the childrens playground bit on my own.


TethersEnd · 23/04/2011 12:58

In my local playground it should be compulsory.


usualsuspect · 23/04/2011 13:05

Alcohol sure makes visits to childrens playgrounds more bearable


gillybean2 · 23/04/2011 13:07

OP would you feel happier if the beer was in plastic cups? If so maybe have a word with the pub to say you're concerned with glass being taken into the park and could they provide plastic cups for anyone taking their beer to the park off the premises.
Or is it the drinking at all you object too?

I agree that glass shouldn't be brought into the play area. All it takes is one glass put down for whatever reason (a turn on the swings etc) and it could easily be knocked over/broken.

If you don't feel happy approaching the pub phone the local council clerk (or whoever is responsible for it) and ask them to get involved. Our park has a sign up saying no glass or bottles to be taken into it. Though this was because the teenagers would leave their glass beer bottles dumped there.


PaisleyLeaf · 23/04/2011 13:30

Sorry, where did you say this riverside gardens/park, with the pub nearby for takeouts, is?



upsydaisysexstylist · 24/04/2011 07:51

hmm, it is the glass really as loades of people sit with bottles on grass outside playpark, am slightly paranoid as ds2 is still at the what's this I'll put it in my mouth stage .

Paisley park is in Ilkley west yorks

OP posts:

livinginazoo · 24/04/2011 08:48

No more suitable than adults smoking in a children's playground. It is a CHILDREN'S play area not a pub beer garden.

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