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To hate the word chav

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usualsuspect · 22/04/2011 23:12

What does it mean? seems that only chavs make a noise or play loud music on MN

OP posts:
usualsuspect · 23/04/2011 12:51

There are plenty of middle class annoying noisy neighbours/teenagers but they are never referred to as chavs, of course its a class thing

I've never seen a thread entitled 'The poshos up the street are having a loud party'

I've never seen a comment in baby names saying that any name is a bit goth

OP posts:
Newgolddream · 23/04/2011 13:26

I dont think the Scottish "NEDS" is equivalent to chavs, here in the West Scotland I think Neds is our name for young buckie swilling burberry decked idiots who cause trouble, it does I think stand for non-educated delinquents. Ive always seen this as different to chavs, who dont necessarily cause bother but are seen as "common" regardless of how much or little money they have, from their taste in music, clothes, where they stay. I do resent the "council house" part of it mind you because whereas Im sure a lot of it has to do with that, its so steretypical - I live in a council house, work full time as a Nurse and would never call myself a "chav" just because of where I live.

lionheart · 23/04/2011 13:34

noodle--then I think it must mean something else to those who use it about themselves. I've never heard anyone describe themselves as chav but I'd be interested to know, if they did, what it meant to them.

But on MN and in the context of these talk boards I think it is usually judgey/snobby/superior.

constantlywrong · 23/04/2011 13:34

Ah, see, new, that's what I'd refer to as a chav, the people you're describing.

plupedantic · 23/04/2011 17:38

All this about origins of the terms is very interesting, but it's a bit academic, as "chav" it is now effectively a poisoned word. The way that it is used makes both the object and the speaker look bad, because of the contempt it implies. It's like using the "n word", isn't it? (that comment leaves aside black people who reclaim the term; it's never acceptable for a non-black person to use the term).

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil · 23/04/2011 17:41

I have to say that I now live in Chatham and there are many people who fit the Chav stereotype walking through the town centre all day :o

LadyWellian · 24/04/2011 00:30

Have to say I agree with constantly that Newgolddream's description of a NED is exactly what I would consider a chav. In RL I haven't experienced it as a blanket term for working-class people, but obviously a lot of people on MN have.

bananasinpjamas · 24/04/2011 00:47

Council House Associated Vermin I thought it was....

Actually I think it could be quite accurate to describe a certain group in society, sorry Mumsnet.

InPraiseOfBacchus · 26/04/2011 11:24

I consider myelf middle-class, but my family nor myself were in any way privileged. I still have to scrape around to buy nice things. I still managed, through my own free will, to become educated and tasteful. I dress exceedingly well on the tiny amount I have to spend on clothes, and I am always often polite and well mannered. I know plenty of people who have to try hard every day to afford food, and live in council estates, who are wonderful, genteel, witty company.

Being a 'chav' is a state of mind. based on cultural ignorance and apathy. As such, I don't see any reason why it is unethical to let the world know that their appearance and behaviour is obnoxious.

FabbyChic · 26/04/2011 11:25

chav chav chav chav chav chav chav chav chav chav chav chav chav chav

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