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to hate the new MN layout?

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NoWayNoHow · 22/04/2011 09:37

Most of it is fine, but that BLOODY POP UP box at the top that keeps appearing and blocking the info at the top of the page is doing my head in!

Why fix something that ain't broke??

OP posts:

Tee2072 · 22/04/2011 09:38

I personally wouldn't mind the pop up if it had anything useful on it! But it doesn't!!


HidingInTheUndergrowth · 22/04/2011 12:25

on the right side there is a little cross you can click on which will get rid of the box that appears at the top of the screen.

Though I agree it is annoying and pointless, but then I have a hatred of anything on websites that moves and don't even get me started on things that make noises.


purepurple · 22/04/2011 12:27

Thank you Hidingintheundergrowth
That bloody box was driving me mad and i hadn't noticed the little cross.
It has gone now.


AitchTwoOh · 22/04/2011 12:28

totally agree, tee... it needs an 'add message', 'create new thread' bit and would be fine.


HidingInTheUndergrowth · 22/04/2011 12:29

Glad to be of service [bugrin]


Tee2072 · 22/04/2011 13:56

You can click the X but, at least for me, it keeps returning!


strandedbear · 22/04/2011 13:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaisyMooCow · 22/04/2011 15:30

I've never seen it. Perhaps if you turn on the pop up blocker it might disappear.


b1uebells · 22/04/2011 15:32

What new layout?? I've noticed the purple but nothing else has changed... Though I MN on my phone so maybe it's not the most up to date MN!


doley · 22/04/2011 15:33

It needs a 'last post read' it is difficult to see where you last posted .

but ,I like the new layout much better ~more modern and fresh :)


EgguStudent · 22/04/2011 15:35

If you go onto Customise you can turn it off completely.


DooinMeCleanin · 22/04/2011 15:36

YY the box keeps coming back on mine too. Bloody, sodding annoying box. Pop up blocker makes no difference. If I press the x it goes away for about 10 minutes.


Tee2072 · 22/04/2011 16:43

Oh good, they finally added it to customization options!! You can turn the stupid, useless thing off!!

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