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To ban my DC from buying any more bloody PC games?

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Ormirian · 21/04/2011 20:17

because they never seem to work properly?

DD just spent some of her birthday money on a Sims expansion pack and ds1 spent pocket money on a Star wars PC game. And neither of the fuckers work! Cue disappointed kids and orm spending time trying to sort it out and find online hints as to why? I work with computers all day and I don't want to do it all evening too! Anyhow games going back tomorrow.

It always seems to happen.

Between us we have 5 different games consoles incl an ancient NES so why do they insist on PC games?

So that is it! Next time they eye up any more PC games I am going to beat them until they stop! AIBU?

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mx5hairdresser · 21/04/2011 20:57

check the specs on the pc. you may need to upgrade it (most likely the graphics card)


ddubsgirl · 21/04/2011 21:31

im a simmer which one is it?as above check pc specs and that base game is up to date x


FabbyChic · 21/04/2011 21:34

Is the spec high enough on your computer for these games, sound's like it is your computer not the game.

Sims will not work on a PC with less than 2gb.


BertieBotts · 21/04/2011 21:39

I can probably help with the sims one - what problems are you having? Do you have the original sims game too - you need the original for expansions to work.


BertieBotts · 21/04/2011 21:40

But yes. Get them to research whether their games will work themselves before they buy them, if they are old enough. If not then the consoles should be enough TBH.


FabbyChic · 21/04/2011 21:42

The Star Wars game eats the memory, to be honest your computer cannot handle any more games.


BertieBotts · 21/04/2011 21:46

What do you mean, Fabby? If the game isn't running it's not affecting anything except taking up space. My mum used to say that having too many games installed slowed the computer down and we were only allowed two installed at once - I only realised when I moved out of home that this was rubbish Grin (Perhaps a good strategy, OP? Wink)


Tarenath · 22/04/2011 22:40

Good luck returning the games. A lot of stores wont refund PC games now if they've been opened/installed. Its up to you to check they will work before purchase.


ApocalypseCheeseToastie · 22/04/2011 22:46

Sims 3 is a bit shit imo. We have it on dsi and xbox, NOT impressed at all.


Ormirian · 23/04/2011 19:35


It's Sims 2 not 3. And yes we have the base game.

They are netbooks so I guess space be an issue.

But the point is it's never simple! It's either the wrong windows version, pr not enough memory. Or the cd drive isn't right. or the disc has been looked at too hard Hmm I bloody hate them! Get an x_box or a wii and they always work...

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