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To hate lawnmowers? You pull that ropey thing, the machine splutters

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grovel · 21/04/2011 17:40

and then bugger all happens.

OP posts:

DingDongMerrilyOutOfSeason · 22/04/2011 00:40

How old is your lawnmower?! Grin


JarethTheGoblinKing · 22/04/2011 00:42

wow, do you own a steam-fired lawn-cutting device?


Vallhala · 22/04/2011 00:43

And so I go back indoors, make a cup of tea and half an hour later I come back out to a nicely mown garden.

(I cheat and pay a superb local fella to mow my garden!).


DingDongMerrilyOutOfSeason · 22/04/2011 00:45

Valhalla what with you being a greeny-hippy-aromatherapy-sorta-person I would have thought you had a garden of sheep to keep it under control Wink


BigChiefOrganiser · 22/04/2011 03:36

You are. I love the satisfaction of mowing the lawn. The smell of cut grass, the neat lines. Lovely


GwendolineMaryLacey · 22/04/2011 03:50

I have never mowed the grass, it's DH's job [1950's emoticon]. Why can't you just switch them on like a hoover?


BigChiefOrganiser · 22/04/2011 03:54

Or a key like a car? Maybe ride-on's have keys. I find after a couple of pulls, and a swift kick, a bit of swearing, a sit down with a cuppa and another attempt to start usually does the trick. Most satisfying


Slightlyreluctantexpat · 22/04/2011 04:07


You pull the ropey thing, it splutters, you press the choke again 3 times, you pull the ropey thing again and again, you realise you've flooded the engine. You walk away swearing, and make a cup of tea. You come back.

Repeat ad nauseam.


NettoSuperstar · 22/04/2011 04:12


That's nothing like my lawnmower.
Mine is like this
And my friend cuts the grass for me.


Slightlyreluctantexpat · 22/04/2011 04:21

Netto, we're talking about petrol mowers. Electric mowers usually just start at the flick of a switch, almost. Wink

Petrol mowers, particularly after a winter in the shed, are a pita. Though I do agree with BigChiefO that it's very satisfying once the bloody thing is going.


NettoSuperstar · 22/04/2011 05:33

My garden is the size of a postage stamp, so I don't know anything about petrol lawnmowers.


microfight · 22/04/2011 07:02

I have a push mower with no motor at all. Love it!! I had to scrabble around under old boxes in B&Q years ago to find it and it still cuts well.
Nothing like a bit of muscle power, no leads, no noise, no petrol. Grin


GentleOtter · 22/04/2011 07:13

I want a Mowbot. [buenvy]


sausagesandmarmelade · 22/04/2011 09:33

Hah...hubs did ours yesterday...and looks a dream now. He does the lawn...I do the flowerbeds and TRY and keep on top of the weeds (darn things).

We have an electic bosch thing...that does the job well....for our little lawn.

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