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Gabby Logan did Disability Benefit rumpus noon today on phone-in Reasonable up to a point

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GabbyLoggon · 21/04/2011 17:26

I dont often mention my near name-sake on here. But today Gabby Logan did Tory-led governments Disability benefit rumpus statement.

John Humphreys gave the Minister a deserved hard time on the Today programme (He raised valid questions)

the most valid question is all things considered Do the government or the bosses have jobs for the disabled.? Most bosses would give a fit person preference over a recently disabled one. (Its not rocket science)

Are Cameron and co just doing publicity stunts at the disabled peoples disadvantage. (they are on 5-Live frequently) The disable are a soft target,
Cameron and his Minister should not keep attacking them

Gabby Logan was less firm on the subject than Johnphreys. She put a
largely Establishment view on the subject. Did not emphasise enough the Lack of jobs angle which is crucial. (The Tory-Led government know that

A female writer in the times once asked "What employers are ready to give a job to the disabled.?) I think it was miss Miles; and she put a humane question . A logical one too.

We must not be fooled by a Cabinet of 24 millionaires giving a hard time to
the long term disabled.

Gabby Logan seems to trust the present Tory-led Coaltion government.
She seems to think they will give the poor a fair deal. I have me doubts.

I listened to the tape of her programme; and she seemed to p;ush the disabled harder than she pushes the government on their policies. (Perhaps privately she is more sympathic than she seems on air.) People strike political poses on radio without realising they are doing it. Tread carefully is the BBC style. But neutrality is impossible over a long period of broadcasting.

Me? Oh out of conscience I would always back a poor disabled person over a Tory millionaire politician. What moral reason can there be for supporting
old Etoniansin respect of the poor.

In general, I think it is the poor who help the poor. Some Labour politicians have a conscience over poverty. I dont see the Coalition as a conscience led goverment, More Jack the Lad types hoping to be bankers one day.

I dont usually post this long. A subject I have taken to my heart,
There will be a lot of pressed on disabled people this summer. Logic suggests it is not possible for the Tory government to push didn,t people into NON-EXISTANT JOBS>

Top news man John Pinah mentioned this in his bit on the logan programme today. The news people know the score. Some of the presenters are asking for a non existant crop of jobs and sympathic bosses to the disabled. Its almost Monty Pythonish. But serious

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LaWeasel · 21/04/2011 17:31

If you are concerned about this kind of thing there will be a protest in london on may 11th about disabled being hardest hit in the recession. info here


MotherSnacker · 21/04/2011 17:33

I agree Gabby.


Vicky2011 · 21/04/2011 17:33

WOW that was a balanced overview


TheOriginalFAB · 21/04/2011 17:34

It is Gaby with one b.


GabbyLoggon · 21/04/2011 17:40

Thank you LaWeasel. Yes a peaceful protest in London is a good idea. Because a lot of the disabled are not in a position to defend themselves.(Its not rocket science)

I was well enough I would gladly Let Gabby Logan guide me round the London protest. I am totally non violent. So is Gabby

I think my long post shows I am serious on the subject, La Weasel. (The press mildly bully me for my brevity usually...."Big reputation, short articles"
they mutter.

I will read up on your protest. Some of the callers to Gabby were openly expressing great fear over what is being done to them (for allegedly 30 quid less on Jobseekers allowance. )

OP posts:

grovel · 21/04/2011 17:42

Well now we know.
It's not rocket science.


GabbyLoggon · 21/04/2011 18:07

GROVEL (Or not as you wish)

Yes, Its not rocket science, has caught on across the classes even. would you prefer "Its not brain surgery"

In a few years time I may not have the the dexterity yo put a few words together (and then cameron would come after me)

The scene my back door..2013. Cameron speaks " Oh so you are losing it Gabby Mk 2. Dont ask for any money from us. Homelessness is not as bad as it seems. Ones grandad was in the trossocks in the 18th century."

Gabby mk2 " Did your gramps have a frock coat on , "Dave"? Was he fighting someone? How old is he now. Does he still squeeze the ladies?"

"actually old boy, he squeezes the ladies with his riding breeches on. He cant lift the monster anymore. Gout you know. Anyway ,I will leave you the 17 page benefit claiming forms. But no chance.Toodle pip, I am orf to the White Hurt in stamford"

OP posts:

GabbyLoggon · 21/04/2011 18:26

Joking apart.

It does seem unreasonable to have such complex benefit claim forms for
the disabled

I have been shown the forms, they look like they are trying to push people into not claiming. (But the cheesy government TV adverts would make a saint weep on this subject)

I think I got sight of a bit of one the other evening. "We are going to help you into work" They are actually trying to help them onto a lower benefit.
Why do govts alway lie about motives.?

Why not just say "we want to take 30 quid a week off you>" \That would be honest..and for a millillionaires Tory government rational
Tell the truth and sod the opinion polls Stop demonising the poorer section of the community. They are not bankers or even rich

OP posts:

timmyshine · 21/04/2011 18:39

I will see how the protest in London goes. My half sister is disabled
and does not have to work


GabbyLoggon · 21/04/2011 18:44

well anyone (even the fit) can only work if an employer gives them a job.They call the shots.

Govt say there are almost a million 18-25 year olds who cant get work

the lowest unemployment I can remember is 600 thousand.

some think our system needs high unemployment. (Bosses say it keeps there workes in order. ) Maybe

Goodnight Gabby mk1 (on hols tomorrow)

OP posts:

Pagwatch · 21/04/2011 22:03

Gabby Logan is lightweight.
She is the easy listening of interviewers.
She is not going to give anyone a hard time if she thinks they can kick her arse. Which is most people tbh.
I think trying to assess her views based upon how lightweight she sounds is a potentially never ending task.


garlicbutter · 21/04/2011 22:10

Funny you should mention that ... I went to my GP today for a renewed sick note. I've been returned to ESA assessment phase pending appeal. The doc looked at his computer, said "They say you're fit to work" and refused to write a statement. I finally got him to look at my other notes - the actual medical ones - and he did it, writing on it some quite unnecessary stuff that makes it look like I'm earning on the sly (I'm not, I do limited work as part of my recovery.)

Is this a new policy, where doctors rely on the DWP to tell them whether their patients are ill? Or did I just get unlucky with this twat of a locum?

I hope it's the latter Hmm


MintyMoo · 22/04/2011 17:54

Garlic - you got a twat, or at least I really hope you did.

I'm in the 18-24 bracket, multiple disabilities. No-one wants to hire me. I'm bright and capable, have a good degree but no - 'oh you've got some gaps on your CV' - yes, that was when I was bedridden - I couldn't work. 'You really should have done something' - I did, I was in bed, that's doing something.



GabbyLoggon · 23/04/2011 12:04

GARLICKBUTTER Your post is both worrying and interesting REAL doctors should be making medical decisions. Not Department of Work and Pensions

GARLIC .. Thank you for speaking out.

The main motive of the DWP on Incapacity benefit is thought to be switching clai,mants from IB to Jobseekers allowance. (Which is said to be a 30 quid a week reduction)

The government deny point blank pushing hard for moneysaving reasons.

You cannot force people into non-existant jobs. (Bosses have the power as to who gets a job) not job applicants.

OP posts:

GabbyLoggon · 24/04/2011 12:05

Someone contacted me last night on this....gaveme some info..which I will have to check whenthe bank holiday is over. It is important (if true) When you dtttothings publicly like I do,,,,you get information fed to you from various people but its best tocheck it out;or you get egg on your face This computer has a mind of its own...I will advertise the London disability march when I read up on it. I think there aare going to be a lot of peaceful marches in the next year. Its a bit like Maggie T returns. Though daves manners are slightly less abrasive Manners maketh man but only if they are sincere not just Tory pretend

OP posts:

GabbyLoggon · 24/04/2011 12:11

I think this comp is giving me a truncated p print out. Aort of guess the missing words contest

OP posts:

Absolutelyfabulous · 24/04/2011 12:22

The poor help the poor more, do they?
Oh yes, that would be through the shit loads of tax at 40 and 50% they have to pay.

Fux ake.


GabbyLoggon · 24/04/2011 12:33

ABFAB aRE YOU BEING IRONIC? Does one pay tax on minimum wage or dis benefit? I think its the rich that get away with not paying tax. Tax Avoidance tax evAsion. bbc 5-live dont seem to mention that. though Cleggy has said they will do something about it. Not much I guess. Perhaps big business donate to the tory led government. Its a funny old secretive world. cheers

OP posts:

TeddyMcardle · 24/04/2011 13:05

I agree completely, the dla form is a nightmare and now I have huge gaps in my CV and now funding has dried up to make me more employable. Combined with the cuts to the NHS I don't know what I'm going to do with my service being cut.


GabbyLoggon · 24/04/2011 13:14

teddycardle...thank you for going public with your personal expwerience.. Aot of people are going to suffer with the cuts. many of them are poor and not to lame in anyway That is what I would have wanted Gabby LOGAN TO ADMIT..pERHAPS BROADCASTERS DO NOT HAVE THE FREEDON TO GO AGAINST STATION POLICY

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