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aibu to sack my hv.....

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pettyprudence · 20/04/2011 17:50

during our first meeting last week she suggested I join netmums Shock. Aibu to request a different hv?

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KaraStarbuckThrace · 20/04/2011 17:52

Evil woman. I bet she suggested weaning your baby onto Gregg's sausage rolls and fruit shoots at 6 weeks Wink

My MW, who I had when expecting DS, recommend MN, she said it would be right up my street Grin


FabbyChic · 20/04/2011 18:00

I never saw a health visitor for my second child, as the one I had for my first child was shit. Don't believe in health visitors at all. Raising children is trial and error you don't need someone to tell you how to do it.


DillyDaydreaming · 20/04/2011 18:10

LOL - we have a glut of "Netmums" flyers in our office - they were even sent out in New Birth packs for a while.
Ah but Fab - I don't tell anyone "how to raise children" all I do is various development checks and child protection stuff.


TheEasterBunnyDoesYoga · 20/04/2011 18:11

Fuck me Shock - that's disgraceful!! Write to her supervisor and complain!


LoveBeingAbleToNamechange · 20/04/2011 18:13

All the hv who arrived at my building this morning seemed shocked o knew they were hv before they said why they were there.


Buddhastic · 20/04/2011 18:14

get rid and quick!


SauvignonBlanche · 20/04/2011 18:14



worraliberty · 20/04/2011 18:18

I can't imagine why any HV would recommend any kind of chat forums to new mothers.

There are far too many different opinions and wildly different about confusing for them Sad

Then there's the My way is the only way merchants..quite frankly that'd be like having 1000 MILS on your back Grin


washnomore · 20/04/2011 18:22

Yeah but nobody gets away with spouting shite on Mumsnet. I reckon it would be a great thing if HVs gave out MN flyers. I mentioned this place to my (pretty on the ball) HV in the wake of rivengate and she knew all about it. I thought to myself she should have been telling me about it, now that would be useful!


worraliberty · 20/04/2011 18:25

I think anyone can get away with spouting shite on Mumsnet due to all the name changing. It's not like anyone can pull you up on something you said the other day if you suddenly start saying the opposite, if you've name changed to say it.


scottishmummy · 20/04/2011 18:27

lol everyone spouts shit on mn thats the point
the pleasure and indignation of reading someone else post and thinking you do whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.........?

point being it is verbose,pointed and funny. not mammies being all hugs and hun


worraliberty · 20/04/2011 18:30

Exactly Scottishmummy Lol. I'd hate to think of a new Mother coming here for advice and getting a total flaming by people who do things differently...and god help her if she doesn't BF because she doesn't actually want to!


scottishmummy · 20/04/2011 18:32

the feeding zealots are all getting carted off to scottish craggy island. i have recommended it,and got some ayes

so that's the place for those blethers


worraliberty · 20/04/2011 18:36

I think they should be carted off to a distant dairy farm and milked Grin


scottishmummy · 20/04/2011 19:05

tittter,that's controversial


ShinyMoonInAPurpleSky · 20/04/2011 19:55

I don't think my hv even knows the internet exists...


rainbowinthesky · 20/04/2011 20:03

Can you complain in writing to your NHS trust? Shocking Shock.


whatsallthehullaballoo · 20/04/2011 20:08

"thousands of MIL's on your back".....

I think it is quite unbuaual advice, after all if you mention anything that you have read online to HP you get told off for not knowing what you are talking about.


mumcanIaskaquestion · 20/04/2011 21:36

I told my HV there had been a printing error Grin when she gave me that leaflet.

Mind you she also told me as it was my third child that I wouldn't need to contact them Hmm. She was my 4th different HV. I don't understand why you're not given the same hv after each child because that had happened she would have known I had mild pnd after my 2 dd's.


DillyDaydreaming · 22/04/2011 22:57

I ALWAYS tell new Mums about MN when I visit them. I am an MNHV and the MNHVs are fabulous, up to date and respectful.


DillyDaydreaming · 22/04/2011 22:58

Should have added an Grin after my post. MNHVs are cool though.


Honeydragon · 22/04/2011 23:03


There, feel better now? Grin

washnomore · 23/04/2011 08:14

Dilly Grin

What I meant about people not getting away with spouting shite is that if someone turns up and starts going on about how their 8 week old has been sleeping 12 hours since they started feeding it MacDonalds and putting brandy in the bottle then within ten minutes a raft of other posters will have turned up to quote guidelines and give references. Shite doesn't go unchallenged. Which is more than you can say for some HVs going by some people's experience. Sorry Dilly!

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