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to think worms would think oooh its getting hot I better...

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MikeOxstiff · 19/04/2011 16:17

....go somewhere cooler

I have just been out to put peelings in the compost bin and when I lifted the lid off I saw lots of melted worms around the rim of the lid. Our compost bin is in the sunshine all day so it gets quite hot

Silly buggers

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sausagesandmarmelade · 19/04/2011 20:35

Just as silly as snails and slugs who (in wet rainy weather) decide to take a trip across the pavement to the road...



MikeOxstiff · 19/04/2011 20:39

What about moths who come out at night and then want to fly into the house where its light. Why dont they come out in daytime if they are scared of the dark.

OP posts:

blackeyedsusan · 19/04/2011 20:43

eugh Sam, I hate that squishy or crunch squishy feeling you get on dark nights...


sausagesandmarmelade · 19/04/2011 20:46

I know, I know....

Totally Kamikaze!

and I feel so awful when I accidentally squish one and hear that crunch...

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