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To spend the day with watery eyes cos my baby has a proper haircut?

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Pancakeflipper · 19/04/2011 14:25

Oh I know I am. Get a grip Pancakeflipper.

My DS2 who is 2 yrs old, had beautiful light blond thick but poker straight hair.

I usually trim it in a messy Old English sheep dog type style but it needed a good cut cos I can only do lop-sided cuts.

We went to the barbers.

I came out with a different child. He's got short/back sides type cut. Veered off the bowl cut look at the front with some clever snipping. The really blond bits got cut out. We paid I smiled and thanked the lovely barber.

Went round the corner and cried. My eyes won't stop.

Sent DP a pic on my phone. No message just photo. He responded " who is it?". I sent one back saying "ha ha.". He responds "seriously who is it?"

I keep looking at him with a big fake beaming smile. His big brother has wavy big messy hair so we've never experienced a proper style before.

Oh I want his old hair back. Oh it's worse than having a hair disaster myself.

Pity it's not Winter or he'd be wearing a bobble hat.

OP posts:

jaggythistle · 19/04/2011 14:29

my 18mo got his first proper hair cut 3 days ago and I'm still not used to it so YANBU.

he had a wee blonde mullet going on and he looks far too grown up now. :(

if i wasn't worried about anonymity I'd put up before and after pics!


timetosmile · 19/04/2011 14:30

Oooh - I do feel for you!
But a bit of sunshine on it and it will lighten again, and washing it will be a dream!!
And at the risk of sounding like a MIL 'it will grow back'!


jaggythistle · 19/04/2011 14:31

my DH has said it'll grow back many times since Saturday!


Pancakeflipper · 19/04/2011 19:21

I am banking on it growing back! Then it stays put with mummy-trims. Jaggy - Will you repeat the cut or growing it out? Mullets can be... Erm... Well mullets!

My neighbour looked at him earlier and said "OH. Oh well hair grows." Cheers for that. Had to reach for the Kleenex again. Pah.

OP posts:

jaggythistle · 20/04/2011 07:18

I'm going to see what it grows out like. she didn't really touch the front so it's long on top still.

it was really quite long at the back and we'd talked about getting a trim. DH just made an appointment while out for a walk, so i was surprised into it without much notice. he'd threatened to have a go himself and I'm not sure how that would have turned out!


linziluv · 20/04/2011 07:25

My DS had beautiful blonde curls....his dad pecked and pecked to get it cut as it was driving DS nuts getting in his eyes until I agreed he and his mother could take him to get it trimmed...I cried for hours! He looks like a little boy rather than my baby boy!!
It's still a little wavy but his curls are no more Sad


woopsidaisy · 20/04/2011 07:29

I blubbed my eyes out when both DSs had first haircut. You walk in with a baby,and out with a little boy.
Pancakeflipper YANBU.
Sympathy hugs.


Morloth · 20/04/2011 07:31

I am not sure I would actually cry, but I just can't bring myself to trim DS2's curls either, he looks like a cherub but they are starting to get long in the front and I have also taken to using a detangling spray or they get all matted up because the hair is so fine.

But they are so pretty it seems a shame to cut them, but the front ones at least are going to have to be trimmed.

Kinda like this.

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