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to think that the EDL should technically support British Muslims?

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LadyOfTheManor · 17/04/2011 22:17

The EDL and WDL are a bit bizarre. I've just been watching some of their protests on Youtube. They want to send "foreigners back", and have "no more mosques built" yet deny they are racist.

Their main bugbear is "Islamic extremism" and that all Muslims should "go back from where they came from..."

Does this mean they inactively support British Muslims or not? Confused

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LadyOfTheManor · 17/04/2011 22:18

Oh, and not watching them because I'm a weird Nazi wannabe follower, merely because the UAF (United Against Facism) emailed me and I Youtubed who they were and the said video was a protest between UAF and EDL.

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houseworkwhore · 17/04/2011 23:13

I have a bad feeling about this thread.

You need to do more research. One of EDL's main speakers is a british muslim. However they do spout a lot of racist bullshit.


Punkatheart · 17/04/2011 23:34


vj32 · 18/04/2011 08:23

Of course they deny they are racist. Same as the BNP. Doesn't mean they are not though. They just have to tread the line between appealing to racist people and being overtly racist enough to get prosecuted.


RitaBix · 18/04/2011 08:31

You would think the EDL would want sharai law
They would get their kicks out of muslims being executed for being gay,leaving the religion etc and public floggins


DontCallMePeanut · 18/04/2011 08:38

When someone spouts "I'm not racist but..." (a la BNP,EDL) you know they are.


LadyOfTheManor · 18/04/2011 09:48

Housewhore- Are you sure that's right? Kevin Carroll is the head of the EDL

here is a rather fetching photo of him demonstrating against Mosques being built at ground zero

It's just all so confusing. THey appear to hate any Muslims who are of any ethnicity-this is what is bizarre. White British and possible female Muslims seem not to faze them. It's all a bit odd. THey deny being a political party though...despite being the protesting group of thugs on behalf of the BNP.

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usualsuspect · 18/04/2011 09:53

Most of them are so thick they think anyone who is Asian is a Muslim


LadyOfTheManor · 18/04/2011 09:57

I'm dreading the election in May for the WA (Welsh Assem) BNP are trying their hardest around here. The next leaflet I get through my door is going to be rammed down one of their throats...if I can catch them. They seem to post in the dead of the night...

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