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I want rape seed to be BANNED

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colditz · 16/04/2011 08:54

i woke up heaving and wheezing like an asthmatic in a housefite. My asthmatic 5 year old could hardly breathe. I KNOW it's the rapeseed, I can SMELL it. I've dosed us all with antihistimines, but I am cross.

never mind, we're going to Skegness in an hour.

OP posts:

caramelwaffle · 16/04/2011 08:56

Leave earlier - and enjoy!


caramelwaffle · 16/04/2011 08:57

Oh however, yab a teensy bit u


GentleOtter · 16/04/2011 09:00

I think it is banned in Canada and the pollen can have a very detrimental effect on breathing problems - it has a similar action to mustard gas. We used to get an influx of COAD patients in the ward when it flowered....

It may help you to have a powerful air purifier/ ioniser while the stuff is in flower.

It will not be in flower for too long, thankfully, but it really does stink.

Hope you feel better with the sea air. YANBU


lljkk · 16/04/2011 09:13

Canola still grown in Canada, important crop, I think.
Can someone ban me from living in same house as my kids? They are driving me crazy....


KaraStarbuckThrace · 16/04/2011 09:16

I do feel sympathy for you, hay fever can be AWFUL. My mum also has hay fever and is allergic to certain tree pollens.

But I used to date someone who had a life threatening allergy to peanuts(along with Coeliac disease as well!) but he never asked for them to be banned!

So I think YABU - but understandably so!


GentleOtter · 16/04/2011 09:19

Blush Wrote before engaging brain. Thanks lljkk.

The GM version is banned in Austria.


iscream · 16/04/2011 09:21
I live in Canada, and never knew anything really about Canola oil, or that it was created in Canada.
You have my sympathy regarding your allergies, tree pollen makes me so sick.


NorfolkNChance · 16/04/2011 09:21

Yanbu I am currently sporting eyes that are nearly closed through puffiness and weeping gunge because of the Yellow Devil. I am surrounded by the stuff and it is evil I tells ya.


herbietea · 16/04/2011 09:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

queenrollo · 16/04/2011 09:28

Colditz - you'll be about ten minutes from house somewhere along your journey probably. I'd invite you round for a cuppa......but there is a rape field right behind my house, so you wouldn't want to come!

It seems to be flowering early this year though, it's usually into May we get it here and yes you can smell it. I dont' suffer with it but even I find the smell overpowering and it's makes me a little nauseous.

Have a nice day in Skeggy!


omniscrambles · 16/04/2011 09:32

We walked through fields of it last week on holiday and all I could smell was the wild garlic.


CUKAmbassador · 16/04/2011 09:34

I'd say move to the city, but if wasn't rape seed then it would be car exhaust fumes. [hmmm]


missymarmite · 16/04/2011 09:34

YANBU. It looks pretty, it smells lovely (IMO) but it is HELL if you are allergic. I have been taking antihistimines too, and to no effect this year.

Rape seed is different from peanuts in that its allergens are released into the atmosphere, over a huge area. It isn't like a peanut allergy, where even those very sensitive, they can move out of the room, or even ban them in the presence of that person (happens on airplanes if there is someone with a peanut allergy they won't serve peanuts). When you are talking huge fields of the stuff over vast areas, there is no escape.

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