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to not bother cooking dinner anymore?

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Bogeyface · 15/04/2011 18:03

And just give the ungrateful little shits jam sandwiches? Angry

I am not doing well at all today, I gave up on the washing, havent really done anything because I am in so much pain. DH put a chicken in to roast before he left for work and DD took it out for me when it was cooked. So we had the basics of a meal done I just needed to figure out what to do with it. DH isnt back til late.

The kids (Well the youngest three aged 9 6 &5) said "Can we have pie" and went on and on about how they wanted it, ok, so by perching on a bar stool in the kitchen I managed to knock up said pie and prepare the veggies and mash. All good. 3 mouthfuls in and DS said he didnt want it because it had sweetcorn in it, which he specifically asked for. and the 2 dds have eaten the miniscule amount of mash they got each and announced they are full. DD1 ate all of hers atleast.

Why do I fucking bother? The way I feel atm I am seriously considering not doing, and just giving them toast and sandwiches, atleast they will eat that Angry :(

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Bogeyface · 15/04/2011 18:05

And before anyone suggests it, we dont have food issues of any kind, if it had been chips or spagbol there would have been clean plates in seconds. I only made the fucking pie because they asked for it, was going to do a chickeny-tomatoey-pasta thing.

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KaceyMaybe · 15/04/2011 18:06

Ah, that's horrible when you go to an effort and it gets knocked back. Mine go to bed if they don't eat tea. It's only happened once and now they know I'm not bluffing, they eat everything.

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