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To go to London with my baby?

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neepsntatties · 15/04/2011 13:10

I have an interview just outside London in a couple of weeks. Dd will be three months and is ebf. I live in Scotland. I was going to take her with me. I know the journey will be stressful as will getting around London but feel dd needs to be with me.

Dh wants me to leave her with him and give her expressed milk. He is worried about her being dragged around London.

Will it be too awful on the train/getting round London with a baby in a pram?

OP posts:
Tangle · 15/04/2011 13:29

What kind of sling have you got? I found a Baby Bjorn style things was a complete killer when DD was a bare month old (although she was quite a big baby) - but I was still happily carting her around in a woven wrap or mei tai at 2 1/2. The right sling can make a huge difference to your comfort.

GastonTheLadybird · 15/04/2011 13:31

Don't wear a sling if you don't think you'll be comfortable, I couldn't stand the things!

Once you're in Central London most places are within walking distance from the mainline train terminals anyway providing you're not averse to a wander, that is what I used to do when DD was small, get in at Waterloo and walk to West End.

Buses are dead easy with a pushchair and are so frequent that even if one is full you'll be on the next in 5 mins more than likely. However, in my 3 yrs of being a parent in London I have never come across a full bus!

Only thing I would say is maybe avoid Oxford Street, it's really hectic and you just end up hacking ankles.

FruitSaladIsNotPudding · 15/04/2011 13:32

I live in London and take my baby on public transport all the time, in both sling and buggy.

I would say that since you're there for a day, take the buggy, it would be exhausting with a sling. And it's not that hard to manage with a buggy. Personally, I hate taking pram on escalators so I use tube at step free access stations (clearly marked with disabled symbol on map), or use buses. Actually, buses are often faster anyway, and always cheaper.

It's easy though, really, although I would try and avoid rush hour if you can. but that said I have taken buggy on train from city at rush hour (so vvvvv busy) and it was ok. Basically, it won't be nearly as bad as you are imagining.

MmeSurvivedLent · 15/04/2011 13:34

Could your friend bring/borrow a pram? So you go down with just baby in sling - on train you will be fine.

When you get there, transfer baby into pram and your friend can coo while you go for interview.

TotemPole · 15/04/2011 13:35

What time are you planning to arrive in London? Try to arrive before 3pm. You still need to get on the bus or tube to travel across London to whereever your are going. If you arrive later you'll catch the start of the rush hour.

bonkers20 · 15/04/2011 13:36

Of course you can take your baby with you!
However, what do YOU want? Will you be anxious about her if you leave her all day or would a day to yourself (albeit at an interview) be a welcome treat?

I would do whatever makes life easier for me all round. Have you expressed before and know that DD takes EBM from your DH?

MarianneM · 15/04/2011 13:37

I flew to London from abroad a month ago for a job interview with DD2 (8 months then) who is EBF and it was just fine getting around with her - but she was in a sling. Going on the tube with a pram is difficult, but if you can use buses or get around on foot (or taxi) then you're fine!

neepsntatties · 15/04/2011 13:38

I will be going down the day before and staying with friend. Will then have to get to Egham by 9:30 so will be early but a Saturday so maybe not so bad?

OP posts:
speculationisrife · 15/04/2011 13:39

Everything Fruitsalad said. I have travelled with dd in rush hour since she was a baby, but only cos I have to. I would avoid rush hour if poss, but otherwise you should be fine with two of you. London is no harder or easier to get around than any other city (easier in some ways, I would imagine, as there are so many transport options).

Where and when is the interview and how long are you planning to be in London? Might be able to make some more specific helpful suggestions...

speculationisrife · 15/04/2011 13:40

Sorry, x-post. Egham at that time on a Saturday will be eeeasy! Very quiet and a nice quick journey.

reallyneedadvicenowplease · 15/04/2011 13:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Firawla · 15/04/2011 13:42

if you're not normally a fan of using slings i would just take the buggy it will be fine.

GloriaSmut · 15/04/2011 13:44

I live near London and found that the baby years were by far the easiest times to take a LO up there! Far harder to deal with toddlers in galleries and on and off the tube. Don't rely on a sling all day though if your back won't stand it so take the buggy. Also Egham will be a breeze to get to on a Saturday morning.

TotemPole · 15/04/2011 13:44

Have a look on transport for london and plan your travelling, the accessiblity guides will give info on lifts at stations.

Also use the journey planner, it will let you know if there are any planned engineering works for the day you travel.

TotemPole · 15/04/2011 13:48

I will be going down the day before and staying with friend. Will then have to get to Egham by 9:30 so will be early but a Saturday so maybe not so bad?

Engineering works are more likely to happen on a weekend. Definitely check your full journey from your friends house to Egham.

niceday · 15/04/2011 13:55

If the baby can settle for the night with your Dh, and takes ebm, then it's best to go on your own.

manitz · 15/04/2011 13:56

i'd take a buggy or where will she sleep when you lunch? Grin

If it's just outside london i suppose you might need to cab it from station to college? not everywhere outside london has black cabs where you can put a pram in upright so have you got a car seat you can fit to the pram? it really depends how much 'outside london' it is.

Blu · 15/04/2011 13:58

You'll be fine. Take a light stroller style buggy - if you can borrow a McLaren they are ideal - and often peope will help you up steps on the tube. The only difficulty will be managing your luggae and the buggy, but pack light with a rucksac for your stuff.

Will your friend accompany you to the interview and wait outside or will you leave the baby at friends house? If friend accompanies you, you'll have help on that journey anyway.

London's just a big town like any other. Except for on the tube at rush hour Grin Avoid rush hour if you can.

sausagesandmarmelade · 15/04/2011 15:13

You have a willing DH who's able to look after her while you make your trip...why not let him have her (he is her father after all) and let him and the baby have some quality time together.

PenguinArmy · 15/04/2011 15:17

GO I didn't take DD (because I foolishly listened to the lady) and then had a full on nursing strike when we got back because it was too long on bottles. I would have taken a sling and maybe a a small stroller that folds up really small

reallyneedadvicenowplease · 15/04/2011 15:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Honeybee79 · 15/04/2011 15:31

Erm, some of do live in London with babies you know! It will be fine.

Sling is good idea though.

bemybebe · 15/04/2011 15:48

If you avoid peak rush hour going around London transport network it is easy (especially if you plan your route in respect to lifts/etc). Some tube stations do not have lifts, but normally people will help with a buggy. Ask the company HR if there is a cm facility that is affiliated to them that you can use during the interview. If it is a large company they might, although I do not know what arrangements can be made for non-employees. Good luck!!

otchayaniye · 15/04/2011 15:52

Good luck.

I never had a pram but did use public transport daily with my now 2-1/2 year old and she just about survived!

Breastfed her on busy tubes, trains, sat on walls. All fine.

otchayaniye · 15/04/2011 15:53

I definitely found wraps useful, that's why I never bought a pram.

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