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to think horse boxes should keep off major commuter routes during rush hour

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LisasCat · 15/04/2011 09:46

To clarify, the commuter route in question is a single carriage A road that connects two large UK cities. And this was at 8.30am!

I manage to bite my tongue when it's tractors (and there are enough of those that use the road in question). I remind myself that the farmer is doing an invaluable and often thankless job that keeps us all in food, and I don't know enough about agriculture to comment on whether or not it's absoutely essential that he drives his machinery at 20mph 5 miles along this road at 8.15am. I may silently swear a lot, but I try to give him the benfit of the doubt.

But horse boxes? Come on people. It's a hobby. I don't care if your darling daughter does need to be at a gymkhana with her pony, Princess, in order to win some lovely multi-coloured ribbons. Time your journey so that you are not on major roads at 8.30am, or don't be surprised if the 5 mile tailback of slowmoving traffic who are all trying to get to work starts to show a bit of aggression.

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DarthNiqabi · 20/04/2011 11:17

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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