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Is it just me or has MN suddenly gone all...

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MarianneM · 14/04/2011 22:36


All this feminism-bashing, indifferent or contemptous attitudes towards breastfeeding, objectifying the female body ("my breasts are for my husband"), making crude stereotypical observations about lesbians, a poster identifying as a "tea bitch"...

Forgive them for they know not what they do...

OP posts:

Portoeufino · 14/04/2011 22:37

It's the school holiday troll invasion. Ignore. Calm will resume presently.


worraliberty · 14/04/2011 22:37

It is a bit weird tonight but each to their own

I don't like extremism in any form. I love my tits and I love the fact my husband loves them too if that's any help Grin


heliumballoons · 14/04/2011 22:40

worra I just snorted coffee all down my tits @ that. Grin


PaganOfBologna · 14/04/2011 22:41

Definitely has the whiff of an invasion. Lets just hope it is the school holidays.

They know what buttons to press though


SeymoreBunnies · 14/04/2011 22:47

I'm not well read on feminism at all, but I can never understand women who claim not to be feminists. Would you be happy to be discriminated against on the grounds of being a woman? No? Then that makes you a feminist doesn't it?


MarianneM · 14/04/2011 22:49

Exactly SeymoreBunnies, but some posters would rather be their husband's tea bitch than an equal partner Hmm

OP posts:

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows · 14/04/2011 22:50

There is certainly a lot of chicken trivia being spouted


ivykaty44 · 14/04/2011 22:52

I think we entered a time warp - didn't we? 1950's swing band will wander past next, followed by


RustyBear · 14/04/2011 23:02

Did the end of your post just disappear into the time warp, ivykaty?


nijinsky · 14/04/2011 23:03

Seems a bit that way.


StayFrosty · 14/04/2011 23:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BoysAreLikeDogs · 14/04/2011 23:06

lol at enchantment under the sea dance

man I loved those fillums


ApocalypseCheeseToastie · 14/04/2011 23:08

I blame the new troll..... how is it even possible to post 500 times in two days ??!


hocuspontas · 14/04/2011 23:09

I still get tearful every time I see the family reappear on the photo.


catchmeifyoucan · 14/04/2011 23:10

What is a tea bitch?


ivykaty44 · 14/04/2011 23:10

Frosty - its ok, my mum was still at school and had another 11 years before she even laid eyes on my dad. My dad was up to mischeif - mainly playing on bomb sites that where out of bounds.

So why has mn gone back to the 1950's? When woman where down trodden and men drank mild and brown?


ivykaty44 · 14/04/2011 23:11

tea bitch - no idea, does she make high tea scones instead of tarts?


Valpollicella · 14/04/2011 23:12

500 times in two days?


Must have suspended good hand lovin' to post that many times


SecretNutellaFix · 14/04/2011 23:15

ACT, even I have never managed that even when I was posting for the best part of 20 hours once.


hocuspontas · 14/04/2011 23:17

Original tea bitch. See post at 21:03:23


EricNorthmansMistress · 14/04/2011 23:19

I almost had to log off earlier I was getting so enraged.


ApocalypseCheeseToastie · 14/04/2011 23:19

I'm part impressed I confess.....not something i'd aspire to tho Wink


MarianneM · 14/04/2011 23:19

EricNorthmansMistress Grin

OP posts:

SeymoreBunnies · 14/04/2011 23:19

"Tea, bitch" is how you ask DH to make you a brew.


JenniL1977 · 14/04/2011 23:24

Bunnies Grin
I'm a relative newbie, but thought it had all fine insane in the last couple of days... I'll just stick to my ante natal club for a couple of weeks. Is this normal for school hols, and why?

500 posts? 2 days? Am I allowed to feel grudging respect for that feat?!

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