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to be completely fed up with media obsession with Kate's weight

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joaninha · 13/04/2011 11:33

Everywhere I look in the media there are references to Kate Middleton's weight and her pre-wedding diet and it's driving me completely nutso.

Ever since the engagement was announced the media have elevated her to the status of style icon, with commentators talking about her "curves", her plans for dieting, how shapely and toned her legs are, her fashion sense blah blah blah.

I mean, for heaven's sake, I know she's in the public eye and a certain amount of media coverage is to be expected but where's the commentary on Prince William's weightloss programme or his fashion sense? Why can't they just leave her alone?

OP posts:

LindyHemming · 13/04/2011 11:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anonacfr · 13/04/2011 11:48

Well she does look anorexic... Grin


atswimtwolengths · 13/04/2011 11:59

Hard not to be anorexic when the media's in your face the whole time, anonacfr, going on and on and on about her figure.


Prunnhilda · 13/04/2011 12:05

I do get your point, but YABU for not ignoring it.
It is really very easy and possible to get through your day without hearing these things or reading about them Choose your media. Ignore the ones which are going to harp on about it. If you don't exercise your power as a consumer then you really can't complain.


SardineQueen · 13/04/2011 12:10

YANBU at all.


joaninha · 13/04/2011 12:37

Hmmm Prunnhilda, I get your point re. ignoring it. I do after all have a choice. But some of us have more choice than others. I'm sure when Kate chose to marry the man she loves (hopefully) she wasn't also choosing to have her body parts picked apart by the press.

OP posts:

microfight · 13/04/2011 12:40

She does look too thin IMO.


Ormirian · 13/04/2011 12:42

I am completely fed up with the media obsession with Kate Middleton. In fact I am fed up with Kate Middleton full stop.


OTheHugeManatee · 13/04/2011 12:43

Private Eye did a great spoof of this: "KATE MIDDLETON COVERAGE 'TOO THIN', SAYS CORRESPONDENT Grin


Prunnhilda · 13/04/2011 12:45

Oh I agree, the media are horrific
However, they aren't horrific in a vacuum. They're not amusing themselves. People buy magazines, read websites, read papers, watch tv, write on free market research websites like Mumsnet.
I'm saying if you don't want to be part of an attack on one woman's appearance - don't be. The more people ignore it, the less market there is for it.
THough it is slightly too late now, I do realise.


charitygirl · 13/04/2011 12:45

YANBU - is bullshit. They know that the mood is not right to say anything unpleasant about her. But they know that acres of glowing prose won't shift. So they do this faux-concern thing, which (consider the source - British media) is as far from genuine concern as it is possible to get. It allows them to slag her off whilst appearing to be worried about her. Do me a favour.

Faux-concern (you see it on here too) turns my stomach.


Prunnhilda · 13/04/2011 12:45

And I don't think for one second that Kate Middleton doesn't know how to play this and wasn't expecting it.


Ooopsadaisy · 13/04/2011 12:49

All this obsession about her weight/appearance/clothes troubles me.

Have we nothing else going on?

There are 28,000 people missing, presumed dead in Japan and a very unstable nuclear situation.

There are wars in Libya/Afganastan/Iraq to name but a few.

The country is up shit-creek re its economy.

I can't afford to use my car anymore and I've no money left until payday. I am not alone, by any means so I'm worried sick about the future - again - I'm not the only one.

There are newsworthy things going on.

Kate is not one of them, unless she has something useful to contribute to things that really matter.

Her weight/appearance/clothes are utterly irrelevant.


Prunnhilda · 13/04/2011 12:52

There is a lot going on (natural disasters notwithstanding).
Now is a good time to be burying bad news. Even better in a couple of weeks' time.


joaninha · 13/04/2011 12:53

Yes yes, I agree Prunnhilda. The media is responding to an obvious demand. But it depresses me that there is such a demand among women to scrutinise other women's bodies. Is this natural do you think or because really there is nothing much else on offer and in the end you just kind of get sucked in?

OP posts:

Hammy02 · 13/04/2011 12:54

I think its a small price for her to pay for a life of luxury on the backs of the taxpayer.


Prunnhilda · 13/04/2011 12:57

I'll be really honest, joaninha, I think it's because enough people are bored and thoughtless and shallow that it has become the norm.


JimmyChooChoo · 13/04/2011 13:00

I know there is worst things going on the world.It's depressing.
That's why I think people love reading about weight loss,make up,glamour etc it's escapism.And what woman doesn't like having a nose at other womens figures/hair/fashion sense etc?


GetOrfMoiLand · 13/04/2011 13:04

Charity - you are bang on. It is the faux concern which really gets on my nerves as well.

There was a thread started yesterday entitled something like 'OMG Kate Middleton looks so ill' and some more sanctimonious crap in the OP.

No she doesn't look ill. She looks perfectly well. She has a glowing skin, well toned legs, healthy hair, and looks genuinely happy. She is thin, yes, but she has always been so, and what makes her look thinner than most people is her incredibly narrow hips, and she can't do much about those.

I too wish they would leave her the hell alone, and I do hope also that they keep a low profile, and she doesn't have a baby for a while.

I would not want that life. The constant scrutiny (and compariosn to Diana ffs) would be awful.


joaninha · 13/04/2011 13:04

Prunnhilda, yes and I reckon it's also because the big media outlets have to compete with each other and are too afraid to go against the tried and tested formula of sex, beauty and sensationalism.

OP posts:

joaninha · 13/04/2011 13:09


"That's why I think people love reading about weight loss,make up,glamour etc it's escapism.And what woman doesn't like having a nose at other womens figures/hair/fashion sense etc?"

This woman! Me! Over here! I couldn't give a rat's arse what she looks like.

OP posts:

Honeybee79 · 13/04/2011 13:09

Yep, it's ridiculous but I don't see why you can't ignore it as it's not in any of the decent newspapers.

They should just leave her - and other women in the public eye - alone.


JimmyChooChoo · 13/04/2011 13:15

Good for you joaninha!I do think nowadays women are more obsessed with looking at people in the public eye for how they look.It's quite sad.

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