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to suggest Channel 4 Tvs Despatches secret filming inside hospitals was disturbing?

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GabbyLoggon · 12/04/2011 15:57

Mon 11th April 8pm Dispatches.

SECRET FILMING is always interesting and often coughs up something awful

Some of the hospital wards seemed understaffed.

The top dog in the Health Authority who was filmed near the end; did not really impress.

That said would anyone come well out of Secret filming.? PS they were hospitals around the Manchester region

OP posts:

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow · 12/04/2011 15:59

you don't give up do you?


GabbyLoggon · 12/04/2011 16:05


we all give up when we die. You imply that you have given up already.
(Thats your choice) But please dont hold your breath for more than 3 minutes.

OP posts:

GabbyLoggon · 12/04/2011 16:34

I forgot to mention

The elderly seem vulnerable in hospitals and homes.

Supermarket staff are already filmed at work. (and other staff
I suspect)

So how about a camera in hospital wards for the elderly?

(It would do channel 4 out of a lot of interesting programmes)

OP posts:

timmyshine · 13/04/2011 14:23

I would not like to be filmed at work; nor would I like to be an old person in hospital


Changing2011 · 13/04/2011 14:27

it was highly disturbing. I dread getting taken ill.


LaWeasel · 13/04/2011 14:30


we all give up when we die. You imply that you have given up already.
(Thats your choice) But please dont hold your breath for more than 3 minutes.^

Best line ever, Gabby.

I didn't watch the program no, they always strike me as a bit alarmist. Only showing the worst bits. And I have had some rubbish hospital experiences!


timmyshine · 13/04/2011 14:42

Of course they show the worst bits. The ones which health authorities cover up

The daftest statement was from the top geezer at the end. ( on about 250 grand a year)

He said would have been allowed to film all that stuff with our permission.... Tell us another one do. (secret filming may be dodgy; but it gets nearer the truth than managed filming.)

I suppose the shouting at the patient who could not eat properly was the worst bit.

In some ways i fealt sorry for the staff fighting against the odds.

But my wife, who was a nurse, said it is wrong for a nurse to shout answers to patients from a sitting position. (as some of the staff did)


GabbyLoggon · 13/04/2011 14:46

I did not realise your wife was a nurse. She should know a thing or two. I find it is usually retired nurses who will tell you most

OP posts:

SueSylvesterforPM · 13/04/2011 14:49

stuff like that always upsets and scares me.


timmyshine · 13/04/2011 14:51

My wife is still at it 4 nights a week. Hard slog


GabbyLoggon · 13/04/2011 14:55

Yea , my wife is still "at it" ..but not 4 nights a weak. (we need to watch our terminology)

Sex is all over the place , these days. Rabbits will be doing it soon

OP posts:

GabbyLoggon · 13/04/2011 15:03

Does anyone know what the Manchester evening News are making of that Channel 4 TV hospital programme?

It happened in the area of their readership

OP posts:

agedknees · 13/04/2011 16:40

You could always google it Gabby.


Lulumama · 13/04/2011 16:43

I am familiar with one of the hospitals featured and having seen the attitudes of some staff a couple of years ago, I am sadly not surprised, it has a terrible reputation locally . it is terrifying, when you are old , vulnerable and infirm, that you can be at the mercy of people who are there to care for you but are abusing you. I accept fully that the vast majority of nurses etc are professional and caring and helpful, but there is a distinct minority who aren't.


MrsTumbles · 13/04/2011 16:56

I watched the programme in tears because my Nan was in that hospital for the final two months of her life and it was terrible. They had given up on her after just one day on the 'emergency admissions' ward that was featured and eventually shoved her at the end of a ward next to the busy toilet for weeks on end.
I thank god for the wonderful Macmillan nurse who got her moved to a beautiful hospice for her final 3 days.

I've digressed, sorry! I think that it?s a sad thing but programmes like this need to be made so that people can see how bad things are, and if it means that changes are made then it could only be a good thing?

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